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Leveson Gower

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Leveson Gower
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Leveson Gower

Fragrant dusky rose flowers of good size, opening flat with a large buttoned center. Petals are silky & alluring, with much of the same beautiful character as Souv. de la Malmaison (not directly related to this rose, as far as records indicate). Introduced 1846. 4'-5' tall.

A helpful note re pronunciation: a ditty by Philadelphia journalist Ralph D Paine in 1897 regarding LG's son who captained the England cricket team on an American tour that year tells us:

At one end stocky Jessop frowned,
The human catapult
Who wrecks the roofs of distant towns
When set in his assault.
His mate was that perplexing man
We know as "Looshun-Gore",
It isn’t spelt at all that way,
We don’t know what it’s for.

But as with Cholmondeley and St. John
The alphabet is mixed,
And Yankees cannot help but ask -
"Why don't you get it fixed?"

The Cricket Captains of England, Alan Gibson, 1989, The Pavilion Library, ISBN 1-85145-390-3, p114

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