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Springtime Sale at RPN - $7 on Selected Varieties
April 01, 2018

The Gardener propagated a few too many of the following cultivars and that is good news to you.  Just $7 per 1 gallon pot, nice size and ready for new homes.  Delayed shipping is available to our friends in places that the weather isn't quite ready for new plants.  Order online, the roses are already marked at the $7 pricepoint.  

Thank you for supporting us for nearly 12 years!  Have fun and shop the roses!


The Gardener and Mr. Blue Jeans

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Delayed Shipping....Choose your date!
March 20, 2017

Order for Spring 2017


With our delayed shipping, your ordering for Spring 2017 can be simple! Use the customer's choice of shipping dates in the dropdown box on the Checkout Page of our website to select a Spring shipping date. Ordering now ensures you have access to the roses of your choice before they are sold out and are not available until the next round of propagation for that rose.
We look forward to your business,
The Gardener and Mr. Blue Jeans

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Free and Fantastic Resource for Roses
January 21, 2016


Help me find

The website is a free encyclopedia of roses online. Customers may click on the HMF icon next to any rose on our website to research more information about the rose of interest. Using this icon enables you to learn more information such as growth habits, lineage, history, other members' observations, as well as viewing additional photos of the rose you're considering.
Until later,
The Gardener

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Now Blooming the Confederate Rose
October 10, 2014



Hibiscus mutablis, known as the Confederate Rose is in full bloom at Rose Petals Nursery and all over North Central Florida.

Not a native of the south, rather a hibiscus that is from China, does very well in the south…..hence its name?  Or is it this story that relates to the Confederate Rose’s name?

During one particularly bloody battle of the Civil War, a slain soldier fell at the base of a Confederate Rose.  His blood spilled on the ground.  The flowers started blooming white absorbing the slain soldier’s blood through the day and turning red by evening.




Very hardy to us here in zone 8b, the Confederate Rose is an engima to many.  Blossoms 4-6 inches in diameter, beginning white in the morning, turning pink during noon and deep red during the evening of the same day, just as the story above is told.

The flowers resemble a large rose.  They tend to be shrub-like or tree-like and have a fast growth rate.  The “mutablis” part of its name denotes “variable or changeable.”  Height of a full grown bush can reach 15-18 feet.




Interestingly the uses of the Confederate Rose are reportedly emollients and cooling effects used for swelling and skin infections.  Mucliage from the flowers and leaves are used by midwives to facilitate delivery during labor.  

A little bit of trivia to add to your rose collection knowledge!

Until Later,

The Gardener


Preserving History One Rose at a Time”

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Open Garden Day
July 11, 2014


Open Garden Day from 9AM until 1PM.  The roses are doing very well and the selection is good.  The Gardener and Mr. Blue Jeans look forward to meeting new rose friends and seeing our frequent visitors each month on Open Garden Day.

Until next time,

The Gardener

"Preserving History One Rose at a Time"

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Frequently Asked Questions of Rose Petals Nursery...
February 08, 2014




We have a number of questions that are asked most often of Mr. Blue Jeans and The Gardener.  We thought we would take pause while the roses are resting to answer some of those Frequently Asked Questions for readers of the Old Garden Rose  Blog.



1.  What does the year mean by the roses name?

Roses have a discovered or introduction date associated with them.  This means that the rose that you are looking at, whether it is in a pot or in the ground, is a piece of the named rose originating from the labeled date.  I always stand in wonder of that statement.  Just think we have roses that are 100's of years old and we still have them here to grow in our own gardens!

2.  Some roses have "Found" instead of a year associated with them, what does that mean?

There are really two answers to that question.  In some instances the records have been lost.  For example many of the Bermuda Mystery Roses, Bermuda’s Anne Olivier, Bermudas Kathleen, Ms. Atwood, etc.  Other times its meaning means just that - FOUND - You may have discovered a rose somewhere and not know what rose it is, for example your Great Grandmother's home or a cemetery.  You name it and that becomes a found rose!

3.  What is the difference between Old Garden Roses and Antique Roses?

The designation of Old Garden Rose are for all of the roses dating before 1867.  Antiques have varying definitions by whom you may talk to.  Some say 25 years old as in a car is antique.  Others say if the rose is older than me, its antique.  

4.  What does the symbol "HMF" in green mean by each of the rose descriptions on your website?

That is a link to the  Help Me Find website that will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about that particular rose.  It has growing habits, pictures, member comments and ratings.  A wonderful resource for information about that rose.  And to add to that its all FREE.

5.  Is there a map on your website to show me how to get to the nursery?

Yes there absolutely is!  Under the Contact tab on the website.

5.  What are your hours at the nursery?

We are open the First Saturday of each Month from 10-2PM.  Having said that, we are available for visits most anytime.  We ask that you call ahead 352-215-6399, so that we can meet you there and open the gates.  We do not live at the nursery however, it is only 6 miles from our home.

7.  How do I get in contact with you?

The Contact page on our website gives you email, address for mailing or simply give us a call at the same phone number as above, 352-215-6399.

8.  How does one know what Rose Petals Nursery has in stock at the moment?

The Gardener tries very hard to keep our in stock page accurate.  Sometimes things do happen, beyond our control.  We are dealing with live plants and customers do come by the nursery quite often.  A quick call if you are coming by or place your order as soon as you see a rose that you would like.  We will pull the selections from the tables and place your name on it for shipping or pickup.

We hope this has answered a few of your questions.  Mr. Blue Jeans and the Gardener welcome you to the nursery and its beautiful display gardens.  

Thank you for visiting,

The Gardener

“Preserving History One Rose at a Time”


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Roses are Red....
December 18, 2013



As the holidays draw nearer, our Series of Red roses continues.   Today we will chat about a much beloved class of old garden roses, a bourbon.   ‘Maggie’ has captured the attention all around the world it would seem.  Largely the reason might be that she grows so well in many different parts of our planet.



Much is written about ‘Maggie’ and her many aliases.  It does seem to be the consensus that ‘Pacific’ and ‘Madame Eugene E. Marlitt’ are the most frequently referred to.  Recently at the Heritage Rose Foundation Conference, we heard a new name for ‘Maggie’.....”Deep Purple Swallow”, simply romantic!  Stories abound as to her origin and her lineage, so at Rose Petals Nursery her label reads Found.



Cerise colored fully double flowers are frequent and abundant on several of the plants we have growing in between the nursery and the ranch.  The fragrance is out of this world and it never ceases to excite The Gardener to lift a blossom of ‘Maggie’ and show someone new about this old world beauty.  A cluster bloomer and great for a cutting.

‘Maggie’ can be grown as a shrub and can also be trained on a pillar or trellis.  Almost thornless and is very disease and heat tolerant.



By whatever name you choose to call this rose, our mother plants have been sold to us with the ‘Maggie’ tag, so that is how Rose Petals Nursery will sell their plants.  Please visit our user friendly online store to order yours today.  Delay shipping, ship now or pickup at the nursery are all options.  Online purchase of gift certificates make for ease of completing your gift giving list.  In addition, gift certificates may be used online for shipment to the lower 48 except for Arizona.  

During this busy holiday season, please don’t forget to take the time to stop and smell the roses...

The Gardener

“Preserving History One Rose at a Time”

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Red Rose du Jour - 'Cramoisi Superieur'
December 16, 2013



Introduced in France in 1834 by Jean-Baptiste Paillet is ‘Cramoisi Superieur’.  A china by classification and a shrub by its growth habit.  Also called ‘Agrippina’ and many other names not as commonly known as the former two.


Medium red to a deep red full blossoms.  Fragrance is moderate and seems to be more of fruity scent.  Smaller flowers bloom in a cluster formation never leaving a large specimen without flowers all during the blooming season.  



‘Cramoisi Superieur’ takes pruning very well into hedge shapes.  There is a climbing sport of ‘Cramoisi Superieur’ available also.  

Both shrub and climbing forms of ‘Cramoisi Superieur’ are available and in stock at Rose Petals Nursery.  We are happy to delay your shipping until you are ready, ship now or pickup at the nursery.  



‘Cramoisi Superieur’ would make a lovely gift for anyone on your gift giving list.  Let us know so that we can include a card along with your gift.

Sending warm wishes, cause its chilly even down here in North Central Florida!

Mr. Blue Jeans and The Gardener

“Preserving History One Rose at a Time”

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'Rose de Rescht'
December 05, 2013



A damask, a portland or a damask perpetual are all classifications that have been used to describe the next red rose in our series.

‘Rose de Rescht’ a very fragrant and long lasting flower, of very double form.  Thick lush foliage on a plant requiring more research of its origin.  Rescht a capital of Persia and some say it grows wild all over the country.  Some tell that Miss Nancy Lindsey brought it from Persia to England in the 1940’s.

Whatever the research, this deep red sometimes shading to fuchsia is a must have.  Available now at Rose Petals Nursery.  Order yours today from our user friendly online store and arrange for shipping now or whenever you are ready.  Pickup is also available at the nursery.   

Until Later,

The Gardener

“Preserving History One Rose at a Time”

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A Series of Red Roses...
December 01, 2013



Today, the first day of December 2013, will begin what The Gardener envisions as a month long series on the subject of Red Roses.  Education along with a newfound appreciation of ages old roses will be our goal.

Red has long been associated with December and roses.  Crossing all classifications of the rose family along with several continents, we will show you photos of the rose that has been chosen as the star.   Included in these posts The Gardener will feature histories, stories, whether the featured rose is in stock and/or maybe a tip or two.

With the announcement out of the way…..ta….da…..the first  rose to be featured is ‘Red Smith’s Parish’.  




As reported in the book,  Roses in Bermuda Revisited, by The Bermuda Rose Society,  cuttings from the all red branches of “Smith’s Parish” were propagated by two members of the society.  As far as is known the plants of ‘Red Smith’s Parish’ have never reverted back to “Smith’s Parish”, a white rose with an occasional streak of red in the blossom.



A china grown on its own root thrives well in our Zone 8b.   ‘Red Smith’s Parish’ traits includes a nice fragrance, disease free in a no spray garden and it blooms throughout the season here.  Growing into a large bush about 6 feet tall, the leaves are small and slender as with most china roses are.  The blooms are semi-double and do darken in color as the flower ages.  



Labeled a found rose, ‘Red Smith’s Parish’, is a true testament to the hardiness of these roses.  Its parent may also be referred to as ‘Fortune’s Five-Colored Rose’.  Rose Petals Nursery has both varieties in stock now.  Order today and choose your shipping date as well as arrange your pickup date at the nursery.  



A sweet sidenote from Diane, a wonderful customer of Rose Petals Nursery.   She tells us that either one of these varieties are a fantastic rose to give as a gift.  What more could you ask for than to receive a rose of “great fortune”?

What will be the next red rose that The Gardener will feature?  Let her know if you have a special request!

Until Later….

The Gardener

“Preserving History One Rose at a Time”

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The Gardener's Apology...
September 30, 2013


I can hear ya’ll now….where have you been? Two quick answers…….California shipping lane and the Heritage Rose Foundation upcoming tour.  Here is the breakdown for the lack of communication between RPN and our friends.

Our friends and fellow rosarians in California have been waiting patiently for RPN to include them in our shipping clearances.  It stems from the Florida to California connection where both states are breeding grounds for soil borne diseases.  The Department of Plant Industry for the State of Florida takes this seriously as they should.  

All of our roses from inception (cuttings) to grown out plants must be 18 inches above ground in order to ship to California.  We have been in compliance now for several months, however our stock needed time to grow.  In addition our friends at Vintage were coming to a close and out of respect for them we decided to wait.

But wait no longer, RPN is free to ship to California any of our roses you see in stock.  And don’t forget the wish list in order to receive an email from us that your wish list rose is in stock as soon as we make it available.  

Today was our first California shipment and its the beginning of a great relationship with the rosarians out there!




Heritage Rose Foundation annual Conference will be held in Lakeland on the campus of Florida Southern College.  We were graciously invited to lead off the Friday bus tour.  We have been so excited and yet crazy busy making the nursery as perfect as we had envisioned it long term.  Many changes at the nursery not the least of which is how to accommodate a large coach bus full of anxious rosarians!   We hope to see you all there and support the HRF and their mission to save as many of the old roses before the roses become extinct.  Join the HRF or just join us here.  The Conference will have many renown speakers from all over the world. Tomorrow is the last day of the Early Bird Pricing.  Won’t you get in on the fun? 

Saturday, October 5th from 9AM - 1PM will be our monthly Open Sale Day.  If you are local please join us to see some of the changes that have taken place. Stock is plentiful and many of the climbers are a great buy for $12 a gallon before their trims afterwards.

Until Later,

The Gardener


“Preserving History One Rose at a Time”

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Rose du Jour - 'Le Vesuve'
August 15, 2013




'Le Vesuve' always reminds me of Sherry Roma....of the fame.  A good friend and fellow rosarian going through some difficult times with the love of her life Tom.

'Le Vesuve' is Sherry's all time favorite and RPN has been the recipent of many cuttings along with a shovel pruned plant from Sherry's homestead.  Let's explore what makes 'Le Vesuve' so fantastic!

A pink blended china that is aka Lemesle and "Vintage Towers Tea".  Bred by Laffay in 1825 in France.  Lovely blossoms from dark to very light in the center of the flower.  Super fragrance and reblooms throughout the blooming season.  Extremely disease resistent grows to a nice size shrub without the use of chemical sprays or fertilizers.

We have several available at Rose Petals Nursery, please check our instock listing.  If you should have any questions please feel free to call Cydney's private cell phone 352-215-6399.  

Until Later please share a rose with someone,

The Gardener

"Preserving History One Rose at a Time"

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Random Catching Up...
July 21, 2013





The Gardener apologizes for being so out of touch.  It has been raining on and off for days.  We have given up and worked in the pouring rain unless of course its is storming.  We have changed clothes at least twice each and every day and sometimes even more.






Its about taking the nursery back from the weeds, moving/adding Antique and Old Garden Roses into the display gardens and beginning new projects.  Tweaking if you will, to better show all the visitors at Rose Petals Nursery how a particular rose grows in “no chemical and no spray” rose gardens.  





The volunteer sunflowers and butterfly perennials that birds and nature sow are being carefully groomed around.  Nature is ok with The Gardener, just please don’t choke out the roses!





All of the irrigation in the display gardens at the nursery are off. The cleanup is easier when the soil is moist from the rain, however everything (including the weeds) grow so much faster.  The pile of cypress mulch each day becomes less of a mound as the cleanup continues.


TIP:  Covering your clean areas with good weed free mulch is a super big wow factor to instant gratification plus as the breakdown occurs the soil beneath the mulch is vastly improved.  





Antique and Old Garden Roses, along with some other familiar favorites are being propagated daily in order to bring you a little piece of our rose collection.  We continue to build our inventory of the most difficult to find or completely out of commerce older rose varieties.  In doing so Rose Petals Nursery hopes to “Preserve History One Rose at a Time”.





To select from or just to see what we offer, please check our website often.  Under the ‘Browse Roses’ tab you will find an ‘In Stock’ category to peruse what is available.  The Gardener is proud to say that in most cases we keep this listing fairly accurate.  There are always issues in gardening outside of a greenhouse atmosphere that may cause irregularities.  




There is also a ‘Wish List’ system in place, so that if you see a Antique or Old Garden Rose that RPN is out of stock of, become a member and start your own wish list.  Each time one of the roses on your list becomes available, we will send you an email to let you know its in stock.  At that time you may purchase it through our user friendly website using PayPal or  Along with your ordering process you may arrange for shipping or pickup at the nursery.





Until Later please take the time to share a rose,

The Gardener

“Preserving History One Rose at a Time”

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Rose du Jour - 'Sir Thomas Lipton'
July 06, 2013




'Sir Thomas Lipton' is our choice as the Rose du Jour.  Beautifully disease free Hybrid Rugosa with gardenia like full white blossoms.  You can't help but notice and appreciate their beauty.  A strong fragrance along with its shade tolerance makes a believer out of RPN.  

Bred by Dr. Walter Van Fleet in the USA in 1900, there have been reports of black spot susceptability on 'Sir Thomas Lipton'.  However, in zone 8b both at Rose Petals Nursery and the Lightered Wood Ranch, we have none what so ever.  We use no chemicals at either location and our feature rose is an outstanding performer.

We have also found a heavy rebloom on our particular cutting, we obtained from Goodwood Museum and Gardens in Tallahassee FL.  The Mother Plant is easily 8 ft tall still in her very large pot and continues to thrive with little care.

Gallon size 'Sir Thomas Lipton' are available now at  Get yours while we have them in stock.  Our user friendly and easy to order online website will answer all of your questions as you read through the multiple pages available.

We can be in contact through email or telephone....if you call please leave a message, most likely The Gardener is out with the roses!

Until Later please share a blossom or two,

The Gardener


"Preserving History One Rose at a Time"

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Rose du Jour - 'Varigated di Bologna'
July 01, 2013




Many of the roses in the  Bourbon classification do well down here in zone 8b.  We are particularlly taken with our Rose du Jour, 'Variegata di Bologna'.  


Extremely disease resistent and vigorous growth even while its in a pot!  Bred by Massimiliano Lodi in Italy before 1909 and introduced in Italy by Gaetano Bonfiglioli e figlio the same year. Very large full solitary blooms with stripes of cherry red and white.  Along with a strong fragrance and an occasional rebloom during the season, our Rose du Jour is a great cut flower to share or enjoy in your own home!


One is available now at  We are a user friendly website.  Please explore and find all of the answers to your questions with in the multi paged site.  


Please contact us if you should have further questions.  

Until Later, 

The Gardener


"Preserving History One Rose at a Time"

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A Rose for Hot Summer Days...
June 25, 2013



This week 'Carefree Beauty' comes to mind.  With busy times in the summer many of us need roses that are self supporters.



'Carefree Beauty' often referred as "Katy Road Pink".  Bred in the USA by Dr. Griffith Buck in 1977, this rose carries the designation of Earthkind.



Along with disease free foliage, no spraying necessary and large double pink with yellow centers all season long.  If that is not enough to tempt you, the fragrance is strong and sweet.  We have 2 between the ranch and the nursery around 13 years old each and they still continue to be blooming machines.



Order yours now at and have it shipped or pick up your order at the nursery, so that you can enjoy the warm summer days with 'Carefree Beauty'.

Thanks for stopping in!

Until Later,

The Gardener


'Preserving History One Rose at a Time"

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A Gracious Invitation....
June 19, 2013



At the most gracious invitation by the Jacksonville Rose Society, Rose Petals Nursery attended a dinner party in honor of Viru and Girija Viraraghavan in Jacksonville at the Continental Club last night.  A lovely historical setting to talk about roses and dine with some old and very new friends. 



After the dinner party, we had a wonderful presention by these great rose breeders of current and future roses to look forward too.  It was lovely and such a pleasure to meet them and we hope one day soon we will cross each other's paths again.


We also would like to thank Gene Waering for arranging the program.  Lovely to see you all!


If anyone out there reading this are close enough to Jacksonville, take the opportunity to visit with the Jacksonville Rose Society.  They are very knowledgable folks and easy to get to know.  They meet once a month beginning back to their schedule in September.  Contact Rose Petals Nursery for more information!


Until Later,

The Gardener

"Preserving History One Rose at a Time"

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Rose du Jour -'The Bride'
June 14, 2013





'The Bride' is one of the most spectacular blooms we have blooming here at Rose Petals Nursery right now.


A white with many times during the year a pink tinge to its large double bloom.  Nicely tea scented, discovered right here in the good old United States of America by John May in 1885.  A sport of 'Catherine Mermet', our rose du jour is a fantastic cut rose!


Down here in zone 8b it is absolutely disease free with deep dark green foliage.  RPN's mother plant is still young,  however HMF does say that the rose will grow to 4 feet by 3 feet.  We will keep you posted!


Don't forget we offer the service of a Wish List on our website,  Once 'The Bride' or any other rose you may include on your wish list becomes available, RPN sends you an email.  At that time you may want to purchase it right away through Paypal or and arrange for shipment or pickup at the nursery.  This ensures you get first dibs on the hard to find roses as they are put up on the website.


We have not forgotten how to post a blog, sorry its been awhile!  But we are back and hope to stay in touch a little more often.  Stay cool and hydrated....


Until Later,


The Gardener


"Preserving History One Rose at a Time"


PS.  We are joining MayDreams hosting Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.  Please go over and check out the many gardens of fellow bloggers at

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A Rose Story...1845...
March 03, 2013



Eighteen hundred and forty five, 168 years ago

today, Florida became the 27th state in the

union.  This fact inspired The Gardener to talk

about her roses....go figure!

In the same year two of the Old Garden Roses

we offer were introduced or discovered.



Madame Melanie Willermoz, a tea bred by

François Lacharme in France.  White blended

large full blooms with fragrance.  Blooms

throughout the season.  We now have only one

available for shipping....pickup is also possible.






Leveson Gower, a Bourbon bred by Jean Beluze

in France.  Gorgeous deep pink large full blooms

and fragrant.   Also blooms throughout the

season.  Graville Leveson-Gower (1773-1846)

was the 1st Earl Granville, British statesman and

diplomat and a long time amabassador to


Rose Petals Nursery has a great new feature,

for those of you who would love to have either

of the above roses.  Once you have registered

your Wish List on our website, our system will

automatically email you when your choices of

roses are available and in stock.


Happy Florida Statehood Day from Mr. Blue

Jeans and The Gardener in honor of our home


Until Later,

The Gardener

"Preserving History One Rose at a Time"

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A True Beaute' of a Tea...Beaute' Inconstante
February 07, 2013





Can you say gorgeous Old Garden Tea Rose? 

Can you even whisper the words Beaute'?






Not enough wonderful words are said to

describe Beaute' Inconstante, a Tea bred by

Widow Ducher aka Marie Veuve Ducher of

France in 1887.






Of an orange blend as the photos show...she is

always blended....fading as she ages.  To say

she is orange, red or yellow would be a fallacy.






Flowers of large double form perfect for cut

flowers and blooms throughout the season.  The

fragrance is strong only making Beaute'

Inconstante more enduring.  

Zone 8b she is a large tea, at present 9 feet

high in our display gardens at the nursery.  A

cross between a Seedling (probably from Earl of

Eldon) x Madame Falcot according to the HMF







Available at  If

Beaute' Inconstante is NOT on your wish list,

please be sure to include her so you will be the

first to receive the automated notice that she

is back in stock.

Until Later,

The Gardener

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All About the Antique and Old Garden Roses blooming NOW
January 24, 2013





Today in Zone 8b, the nursery is in its renewal

period.  New red growth on the old garden and

antique roses (and a couple of more modern

roses), many with flowers.

The Gardener cut a few that are blooming today

and posed them on the rye glass in cut crystal to

capture the sun's rays.  Enjoy!







The cast of characters...'Duquesa' - Tea (2005),

'Climbing Pinkie' - Polyantha (1952), 'White

Cecile Brunner - Polyantha (1909), 'Louis

Philippe' - China (1834), 'Pink Pet' - Polyantha

(1928), 'Napolean' - China (1835), 'Winecup' -

China (Found), 'Iceberg' - Floribunda (1958),

'Nur Mahal' - Hybrid Musk (1923), 'Spice' -

China (Before 1810), 'Arethusa' - China (1903),

'Bowbells' - Shrub (1991), 'Rival de Paestum' -

Tea (Before 1843) and 'St. David's' - China


All roses are available at Rose Petals Nursery. 

Be sure to click on the Log-in Tab to make your

Wish List so that you may receive an automated

notice when any of these roses  are available

and in stock.

Until next time,

The Gardener

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Rose du Jour - 'Mrs. Pierre S. du Point'
November 30, 2012



Our Rose du Jour is 'Mrs. Pierre S. du Pont', a

lovely large yellow hybrid tea.  Almost

thornless, lemon yellow, with a strong fruity

fragrance, blooms throughout the season.  Bred

by Conard-Pyle in 1929, the history is so

intriguing surrounding this rose.





Pierre S. du Pont (1870-1954) helped to creat

Longwood Gardens.  He was an industrialist,

conservationist, farmer, designer, impresario

and philanthropoist. 



Charles Mallerin had been an engineer in central

heating, and retired to in property in Varce to

breed roses.  In 1929 Charles invited French

rose growers to see his new roses, especially a

gorgeous yellow hybrid tea.  The rose proved a

success in France and America under the name

of 'Mrs. Pierre S. du Point'.


Stock is unavailable at the moment at Rose

Petals Nursery, however we invite you to use

our automated notification service within the

wish list.  List 'Mrs. Pierre S. duPoint' as one of

your wish list items and when stock is available

you will be the first to be notified so that you

can make your purchase. 


If the weather isn't just perfect at the time of

purchase, Rose Petals Nursery will be happy to

hold your 'Mrs. Pierre S. du Point' until you are

ready for delivery.


Tomorrow December 1st from 10-2pm is Open

Sale Day, please if you are in the area stop by

to see the display gardens all in bloom.  Ask to

see 'Mrs. Pierre S. du Point' she is in bloom right



Thanks for dropping by~


The Gardener

"Preserving History One Rose at a Time"

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Rose du Jour....'General Schablikine'
November 12, 2012




In the class of Tea Roses there are incredible

standouts....'General Schalikine' is one (please

don't mention this to the other teas in the


Bred in 1878 by Gilbert Nabannond in France

named for a Russian General living and/or

holidaying on the French Rivera.  Sometimes

referred to as 'Vestey's Pink Tea'.




A quote from Henry Charles Brougham about

'General Schablikine' and the qualities of this

beautiful Tea Rose,


"If a law was passed that one man should
cultivate but one variety of rose, I should without hesitation choose General Schablekine [sic]; for general utility it is without rival, flowering continuously from October to Summer, flowers of fine shape and wonderful evenness, a hundred blooms could be gathered off one plant, and everyone exactly resembling its neighbor; the flower-stalk was a peculiar curve, which identifies it from other sorts.  But little is know in England, which is surprising, as its good constitution and hardiness would almost guarantee success in a colder and more gloomy climate.  This of all roses serves us the most faithfully and generously."

At Rose Petals Nursery our mother plant of The

General as we refer to him, is over 10 feet tall

and just as wide.  The foliage is always glossy

and green without spraying.  The Gardener feels

sad that the location of 'General Schablikine' at

the nursery prevents visitors from enjoying his

presence for he lives in one of the more private

areas.  If you are ever at the nursery and wish

to see The General, please be sure and ask us!


A reminder to add 'General Schablikine' to your

Wish List and/or check our website often for




Thanks for stopping by~



"Preserving History One Rose at a Time"

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Tomorrow is Open Sale Day at Rose Petals Nursery
November 09, 2012



One day each month we welcome visitors to the

nursery.  This Saturday is the day from 10am -


Folks like to browse the gardens to see what's

blooming, chat about rose questions and

thoughts and buy some roses.




We have many new Large Planted Pots for sale,

nice big roses ready to go straight into the

ground for our visitors only.  We are sorry at

this time we cannot ship the LPP's.



The garden is blooming up a storm, very very

fragrant.  The two Cracker Mares had a beauty

parlor day today to look their best in addition

Tom the Turkey has a treat for you.

See you there.....and thanks for stopping by~


"Preserving History One Rose at a Time"

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Your Wish is Our Command...
October 21, 2012





'Lady Roberts' a tea from 1902 is on my Wish

List.  The Gardener ordered her from Vintage

and she is very very small.  One day my wish is

for her to grow big and strong to be able to offer

her to all of you!


A new feature has been recently added to our

website is the subject of today's blog posting.

Many of you have enjoyed the Wish List as part

of your private listing service.  Of course this

listing can be used for a multitude of reasons, ie

Christmas Lists, Birthday Lists, Mothers and

Fathers Day Lists and on and on and on.

Now there is one more service that has been

made available to you our rosie friends....a

Notification Service.  One more way to get your

rose choice as quickly as possible.

Register including your email and check your

choices to be added to the Wish List.  Rose

Petals Nursery will automatically send you an

email once your choices have been added to the

online stock.  A simple way to purchase your

roses before the general public has the

opportunity to view the "In Stock" tab of the


You always have the option to delay your

shipping.  The Gardener will simply hold your

purchased roses in our "special sold area" until

you are ready for shipment.  Sometimes we

have to do some adjustment on the shipping

charges, meaning the more you ship at one

time the more economical it is.  Therefore, we

either include a check with your order and/or

give you the option to add more roses.

A win-win for everyone it seems....our

customers have their roses and we have an

automatic service that notifies our customers of

the roses they wish for!

Thanks for stopping by~


"Preserving History One Rose at a Time"

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Rose du Jour - Maitland White
October 05, 2012



During the 20th century, a beautiful white tea

rose was originally found in Alfred Maitland's

garden in Spanish Point, Bermuda.  It is classed

as a 19th century rose thought to be fragile for

northern climates.

The bush is fragrant and grows to 6 feet tall

and blooms in clusters of 2-3 all season long. 

The flowers show at the beginning a greenish

white opening to a creamy white and fading to

white with age.  

Some rose experts believe that this found rose

is "Puerto Rico" because that is where their

cuttings have come from.



Maitland White is available at Rose Petals

Nursery now....please check our website for




Thanks for stopping by~



"Preserving History One Rose at a Time"

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Todays Rooting Table Bouquet
September 28, 2012




Everyday The Gardener at Rose Petals Nursery

tries to stick a few cuttings.  Yes, that's right

365 days a year we put new cuttings into the

mist house to aid in our mission, "To Preserve

History One Rose at a Time"!




Many times the flowers are sacrificed in order to

get the variety of rose as a cutting.  It is against

the rules to throw any nice blossom away.  So

The Gardener sticks the blossoms in a cup right

on her table and enjoys the wonderful fragrance

and the sheer beauty the roses bring.

Today's bouquet is made up mostly of Rosette

Delizy with a few Climbing Pinkie thrown in and

there is one lonely Cecile Brunner in the back.




The Gardener hopes today's bouquet brings you

as much joy as it does for her.  Bringing to mind,

make sure you go out and smell the roses!

Thanks for stopping by!


"Preserving History One Rose at a Time"

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Earthkind Roses
September 22, 2012



Belinda's Dream - 1988


Antique and Old Garden Roses are among some

of the roses that have been designated as

Earthkind.  Others are more modern, and Rose

Petals Nursery carries all of the Earthkind


A few days ago when we had a nice shower at

the nursery, The Gardener took several photos

of all of the roses in bloom.  Many were the

Earthkind Roses that we would like to share with




Carefree Beauty - 1977


The Earthkind Rose group of roses have gone

under very strenuous conditions to be allowed to

be grouped under this very distinct title.  This is

the website

/earthkindroses/ that will tell you all about the

who, what and where of the Earthkind Roses.



Else Poulsen - 1924



Dutchess de Brabant - 1857


Perle d 'Or - 1884


Most of these are in stock at Rose Petals

Nursery.  Please check our website for the in

stock listing.

Thanks for stopping by~




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A Wonderful Old China Rose
September 20, 2012




Archduke Charles, a china dating prior to 1817 is

one of most beautiful Old Garden Roses that one

could put in their garden.  Equally at home in

either a solitary rose bed or mixed with

periennals Archduke Charles is a rose lovers


With a fruity fragrance and blooming throughout

the season, the Archduke puts on quite a show.

  The flowers instead of fading in color as they

mature, dramtically deepen from the lightest of

pinks to a stunning deep red.  Quite apprapo for

royalty don't you think?  This is the story....

Erzaherzog Karl von Osterreich-Teschen born in

1771 was a nephew of Marie Antoinette and a

brother of an Austrian emperor.  He also

became a thorn in Napolean's side in battles

being named, "the Savior of Germany" in 1796.

After marrying wealthy the archduke had 7

children and lived to 76, ancient in his era. 

Even though he did not want a statue in

memory of him, his fans had an equestrian

monument in Vienna erected after his death in


Archduke Charles is available at Rose Petals

Nursery.  Please check the website often for


Thanks for stopping by~


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Teas on Parade
September 14, 2012



The nursery had a nice shower today and the

teas were all polished and ready for their photo

ops.  These are just a very few that are in

bloom right now.  We hope you enjoy these....




Mrs. B. R. Cant - 1901


Souv. d' Elise Vardon - 1854


Duchesse d' Brabant - 1857


Rosette Delizy - 1922


Rosette Delizy - 1922


Baronne Henriette de Snoy - 1897


Mme. Joseph Schwartz - 1888

Thanks for stopping by~

The Gardener


"Preserving History One Rose at a Time!"

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News from the Shipping Dept at Rose Petals Nursery
August 20, 2012




Dozens and dozens of Antique and Old Garden Roses left the nursery today headed to several rose addicts across the country.  

Shipping our roses in their potted 1 gallon containers requires great care in order for them to arrive at their destination healthy.  

Our friendly local UPS store owner Brenda is always there with a smile ready to accept the shipment no matter what the size is.  Thank you to Brenda and her staff, they help make the final part of the our shipping process much nicer!


Thanks for stopping by~


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Ready to Go August Stock
August 16, 2012




We are proud to bring our customers a current

listing of what is being put out in stock before

the website is completely updated.  Many of the

following roses will become active on our site

Saturday morning.  Some were updated a few

days back...but the majority of the list below is

not currently on the web.

As you know, many of these varieties go

quickly, so if you are interested in any of them,

please be sure to place your order as quickly as

you see them available.

On another note, Rose Petals Nursery will be

closed for shipments, pickups and appointments

from August 21st through September 4th.  All

orders that have been received as of today and

have not chosen deferred shipment will be

shipped on Monday, August 20th. 

Shipments/orders received after today will

resume September 10th.  Mr. Blue Jeans and

The Gardener will be on another "rosie

expedition" in the Pacific Northwest.  

A quick reminder that our Open Sale Day is the

2nd Saturday of the month, September 8th from

9am - 2pm due to the Labor Day Holiday.  

We will continue to check messages in order to

best stay in touch with all of you.  

See everyone when we return,


August Release in Gallon Size Only 

$10 each plus shipping/handling~

10 Lilian Austin
9 Duquesa
2 Mrs. Dudley Cross
2 Old Blush
2 Mme. Lombard
11 Cherokee Rose
4 Mozart
3 Natchitoches Noisette
1 Veilchenblau
4 Mutablis
2 La Reine
1 Altissmo
2 Papa Hemeray
10 Perle d 'Or
1 Jean Bach Sisley
2 Spice
10 Iceberg
10 Julia Child
10 Cracker Rose Pink
5 Bon Silene
2 Baronne Henrietta de Snoy
4 Alexander Hill Gray
1 Mme. Joseph Schwartz
1 Red Smith's Parrish

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Antique Rose du Jour....
August 11, 2012



Its been a beautiful day in the Old Garden and

Antique Rose Garden here at

Rose Petals Nursery.  Butterflies, hummingbirds

and songbirds abound...a

paradise...with the fragrance of roses blooming

all through the garden.  Our

Florida Cracker Horse mares offer sweet

wheenies just to let The Gardener

know they are close.  

Bumble bees, feral honeybees along with all

sorts of insects, none very

distrubing....nature at her finest!

Our antique rose of the day is White Maman

Cochet.  An amazingly gorgeous tea

rose available in both shrub form and climbing





Discovered in 1896 in both Australia and the

United States, described as a cream with rose

accents on its outer petals.  The tea fragrance is



According to HMF will grow from 3-8

feet tall and a width of 2-8 feet for the

shrub version.



The climbing version was discovered in 1907 as

a sport of the shrub, grows 8-12 feet  tall and a

width of 8 feet.



The blossoms are large and full, will make a

great cut flower, blooming throughout the




Both varieties are available at Rose Petals

Nursery, please

check often for availability.

Thank you for taking your time to visit with



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Antique and Old Garden Rose Eye Candy
August 02, 2012



'Duchesse d' Auerstadt'


The Gardener decided to tempt you with what is

blooming at the nursery right now!


'Rose du Roi'


As many of our faithful rosie friends know the

first Saturday of every month we have Open

Sale Day.  That means we are open usually for

about a 5 hr period.  During the summer we are

open from 9am-1pm and during the fall, winter

and spring we are open from 10am-2pm.  All

other times are by prior arrangement.

This Saturday, August 4th we will be open from

9am-1pm.  We hope to see you all there!

'Maitland White'





'William R. Smith'


'Rival de Paestum'


'Mother Dudley'


'Comtessa du Cayla'


'Mrs. Pierre S. duPoint'


'Marechal Niel'




'Mme. Melanie Willermoz'




'Darlow's Engima'

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Bermuda Mystery Roses...
July 31, 2012


Did you know there are many mysteries in the

world of Old Garden and Antique Roses?  One of

those mysteries surround the island of




Bermuda's Anne Olivier


Bermudas Kathleen


Many years ago, settlers to the land of Bermuda

brought roses from their homelands to plant in

the landscape.  As the story goes, the history of

the roses were lost, thus becoming "mysteries".



Brightside Cream




The cultivars bloom almost every 30 days or so,

are on own root and thrive in the harsh island

weather.  With little care the Bermuda Mystery

roses can be lovely in your landscape.



Emmie Grey




The listing of the Bermuda roses are long and

there are many more available at Rose Petals

Nursery, however we will show you pictures of a

few of them.  We encourage you to visit our


and seek out these wonderfully adaptable old

garden and antique roses.



Miss Atwood

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Rose du Jour - Safrano
July 28, 2012




The Gardener thought we needed a hard

working Old Garden Rose that stands up to the

heat to be the Rose of the Day today and

Safrano is just that OGR.

Classified as a Tea rose, Safrano is a strong

growing antique dating to 1839.  Large double

flowers of apricot blending fading to cream in

the heat of the day.  A lovely tea scent for

fragrance and re-blooms all through the season,

Safrano grows to an average of 5 feet high.  In

our zone we have seen it grow much larger.

A cross between Park's Yellow Tea-Scented

China and Desprez, our Rose du Jour played an

important role as parent in many later teas.

Bred by M. de Beauregard,  The Old Rose

Adviser, tells us that he was from Angers and

was a devoted rose amateur, reserve officer,

and chevalier in the Legion of Honor.

Safrano grows abundantly in our Display Garden

here at Rose Petals Nursery, please check our

website for availability.


PS.  Sorry I've been away so long....and thanks

for visiting!

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Rose Envy and Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.....
July 15, 2012


The Rose Petals Nursery Antique and Old

Garden display garden is alive....with

bloom.....we thought we would share it will all

of you!  Some are far away....some are

experiencing intense heat....some are in the

dead of winter....



Bermuda's Anne Olivier


Baronne Henriette de Snoy


One picture one thought one love, brings us all

closer to the most postive of addictions....Rose what we call it around here.

Rose Addicts Anonymous....we love roses!  We

love them all and hopefully lift your spirits if you

are one of those that can't stand to not think of




Cecile Brunner


Clotilde Soupert


Comtesse du Riza Parc




Mme. Lombard




Joining Garden Bloggers Bloom Day and giving

you a sneak peak into the

display garden at just SOME of the blooms of the


Don't forget to stop and smell the roses!

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A Found Rose Maggie......
July 10, 2012




Maggie is a found rose, that has many names

according to which source of her background

you choose to believe.

Botanica's Roses, The Encyclopedia of Roses

Book  (1999)  Page(s) 387.

‘Maggie’. Syn. ‘Pacific’. Old. Bourbon. Medium

red. Repeat-flowering. This rose was found by

William Welch in Louisiana and has become very

popular in the USA. Most agree that there is

some China in its background. The full, globular,

bright red flowers have overlapping petals that

darken in cool weather. There is a pronounced

spicy scent and it makes a fine cut flower. It has

a bushy growth habit, reaching 4-6 ft (1.2 -

1.8m) high, is almost thornless and does well in

rich soil. This rose, which makes a wonderful

hedge or pillar rose was found by Welch at a

farm of his wife’s grandmother, Maggie. Some

claim it is one of the roses created by Rudolf

Geschwind, like ‘Gruss an Teplitz’ or ‘Eugene E.

Marlitt’. Zones 5-10. Found in 1980. Parentage






Rosa Mundi: Journal of the Heritage Rose

Foundation Magazine  (2006)  Page(s) Vol 21


 “Maggie”, a rose that seems to be very familiar

to American rose lovers. I got this rose about 15

years ago from a Texan friend as a mystery

rose, perhaps identical to a lost Geschwind rose

called Eugenie E. Marlitt, which was introduced

in the United States in 1908. Comparing it over

the years with numerous roses in the

Sangerhausen and Cavriglia collections, Martin

Weingart identified it as Julius Fabianics de

Misefa, a rose that does very well in cold areas

like Sweden as well as in the hot climate of






Whatever her TRUE identity is, The Gardener

must tell you that 'Maggie' is a rose that will

wakeup your senses, her fragrance, her form

and her lack of thorns, not to mention what a

great cut flower she makes, this is one rose you

should have in your rose garden.

Rose Petals Nursery has a great selection of this

rose in stock.  And maybe if you visit she will be

blooming for you to experience her beauty first

hand.  Please check the website for easy online


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Introducing a New Feature to RPN Website - The Wish List!
July 03, 2012


The Gardener is so pleased to announce a new

feature to the website....The Wish List!

One of our best customers requested a Wish List

and so after talking to our IT guy, well its now a


On each individual rose there is a little lilac bar

with the words Add to Wishlist.  Simply click on

that  lilac bar and you will have your very own

wishlist to forward to others for gift giving ideas

  (family and friends will love this) or to help to

narrow down all of your wants and your needs

(don't ya love that word?).....


Log in to our site with your own private log in

and passcode and add to your hearts content. 

The Wish List is just a holding spot for your most

wanted roses now or in the near future.  You

may add roses or delete roses as you wish.  Its


If you have questions call or email The

Gardener and she will direct you to as

many of the answers as she knows and for the

rest she will redirect those to the IT Guy!

Have fun and don't forget to use this to your

complete advantage during any and all holiday

gift giving events.  We can ship your

living antique to most of the 50 states.


PS.  Open Sale Day is Saturday,

July 7th from 9am-1pm, see you there!

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Rose Du Jour at Rose Petals Nursery...
June 15, 2012




Carefree Beauty a lovely shrub rose from 1977

doesn't suggest old or even antique rose, but

The Gardener couldn't help but share with all

you rose lovers and addicts a gorgeous shrub

blooming in our display garden at the nursery.




Some interesting information about Carefree

Beauty is this rose was bred by Dr. Griffith Buck

and yes is in fact a part of the Buck Rose

Collection.  Also a part of the Earthkind

Collection bodes well for a great no spray rose


Very disease resistant, tolerant to cold and

heat.  At the nursery we have very clean foliage

on our plant and Carefree Beauty does bloom all

during the bloom season.




Large pink double blooms sometimes 4 inches

across with a sweet fragrance.  According to

HMF, this rose is great from zone 4b and


If you are looking for a great all around rose for

your no spray rose garden, please give Carefree

Beauty an opportunity to show you how

impressive this rose can be.  We do have some

available at the nursery now, please check our

website for more information,

Carefree Beauty is just one of the roses

blooming in our gardens so today we are joining

up with May Dreams Garden Bloom Day. 

What's blooming in your garden today?



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An Antique Rose for Mothers Day....
May 13, 2012




In honor of Mother's Day, we are featuring the

rose "Mothersday".  

A polyantha shrub rose of deep red.  Discovered

by F.J. Grootendorst in the Netherlands in 1949. 

Helpmefind says this rose grows from 1

foot to 28 inches, but here in North Central

Florida at Rose Petals Nursery this rose grows

much taller than that.  

Blooming throughout the season in a large

double clustered form as most polyanthas. 

Fragrance is always in the nose of the beholder,

however we detect a nice fragrance.   

The use of this rose is good for borders or patio

or even cut flowers.  Recommended as zone 6b

and warmer.

Our Mothersday stock should be available in the

fall.  Mother Nature always dictates to us, so

this date is a prediction, not fact.  We grow

outside open to the outdoors, not in


A beautiful rose in honor of a very special day.

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New Stock of Antique and Old Garden Roses Potted Up!
May 11, 2012


Last night the Gardener potted up 40 new stock

plants from the transition area in front of the 

mist house.  This means that by the time I get

back from the rose buying trip/Garden Bloggers

Spring Fling, there will be 40 new pots of roses

to chose from at the online store or at the June

Open Sale Day.

Roses like, Moonlight, Mons. Tillier, Safrano,

Prosperity, Souv. Francois Gaulain, Crepescule,

Rosette Delizy,  and Papa Gontier.

Take a peak at them in the website.  In the

meantime here are some photos we have taken

to show you how pretty they are.  Enjoy!



Rosette Delizy






Papa Gontier



Mme. Lombard







Souv. Francois Gaulain



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Buy 3 for the Price of 1 Rose Sale
May 01, 2012


In honor of my Mother In Law Marzilla Waters,

Rose Petals Nursery is having a "mother" sized

Special for all of the visitors to our Open Sale

Day, Saturday, May 5th from 10am - 2pm.  

This Special includes the following roses:



  Louis Philippe


Alachua Red/Red Cascade



Cracker Rose Red


Cracker Rose Pink


The Special is Buy 3 of these roses for the price

of a normal one gallon size rose

of $10.00.  This size rose regularly sells for

$5.00, but for 4 hours on Saturday,

May 5th, you will be able to get 3 of a select

group of Louis Philippe, Alachua

Red, Cracker Rose Red and Cracker Rose Pink

for just $10.00!  

This size is perfect for a gift for your Mother on

Mother's Day.  Also think of friends,

neighbors, co-workers, teachers and Mothers

that don't have their children near to help

celebrate their day.  Give them one or all 3 and

watch their eyes light up!

Be sure to take advantage of this one day

Special at the nursery only.  No

shipping on this particular grouping of roses will

be allowed.

We look forward to seeing everyone there and

know that Mom Waters has a big

smile on her face for roses were her favorite


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Whats Blooming at Rose Petals Nursery
March 15, 2012


The gardener is beginning to round the corner after that devastating freeze the day before Valentine's Day.  Yes, right here in North Central Florida it hit hard and took many of our young roses.  

However, its warming up and raining!  The roses are springing forth in new leaves and blossoms.  I sorta want to go up on the front steps of my pole barn and speak the words of Scarlett O'Hara, "As God is my witness, as God is my witness they're not going to lick me. I'm going to live through this..."


                                                     Papa Hemerey


                                        Mme. Laurette Messimy




                                                         Emmie Grey


                                                 Archduke Charles


                                                          Clair Matin


                                                    Climbing Pinkie




                                                  Rosarie d La Hay


Enjoy the blooms of early March in zone 8b, I'm linking up to May Garden Dreams, Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.  Happy Gardening!

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New Varieties of Heirloom Roses
February 07, 2012

Rose Petals Nursery is and has carried many varieties of roses.  Many that span the gamut of Old Garden Roses to the more Modern Roses.  From Buck Roses to Earthkind Roses.  In an effort to find a better fit for our future, we have a desire to concentrate on the "older roses", the varieties that we feel many of our customers would like or are asking for.  The lack of care that many of these heirlooms require is remarkable.  They fit so well into our fast paced lifestyle.  

Oh there will still be some more recent introductions, those that the gardener just can't live without.  For example Carefree Beauty and Belinda's Dream.  If we find a need to change this school of thought, we are open to that idea.

In the meantime we are adding new varieties of the heirloom roses, just last week we added 22 new varieties.  Many may not be available for some time because our "mother plants" are small.  We do not offer any rose that we do not have a "mother plant" for.  Sometimes we can only cut off very little in order not to compromise the "mother plant".  Please check the website often for availablility!

As you surf through the listings of roses we offer and you see a rose that is more modern, that may be the last time we have these particular roses.  We feel that this is a good time to give everyone a "heads up".  That way your rose choice can be yours!

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Saturday, January 7 Open Sale Day
January 05, 2012


Well folks, the gardener HAD a beautiful display garden to show you.  The roses and camillias WERE an amazing sight to see.  We have had record low temperatures both at the ranch and the nursery.  What does this all mean?  NO more COLORFUL blossoms on anything, just BROWN ones.  



Good news, stock is good, the old roses are troopers.  We'll be open on Saturday 10-2pm.  Come on out and let's all dream of beautiful flowers back on all of our roses!

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A Story of Climbing Souvenir de la Malmaison
November 27, 2011

A few weeks ago my friend Sherry, one heck of a rosarian and blogger, wrote about returning Climbing Souvenir de la Malmaison back to Rose Petals Nursery.




Sherry was redesigning her rose garden and needed the room this rose had taken over.  This gardener was ecstatic!  We chatted and arranged a time for pickup.


After our Marion County Rose Society meeting would be the time, right at dusk, darkness closing in on us quickly, we raced over to Sherry's to put SDLM into my SUV.  This gardener is wondering why she didn't bring her trailer?


Between the laughter that we look so silly trying to STUFF this HUGE rose into my SUV and having our blood drawn from SDLM's prickles, we had a time.  Pulling, tugging, pushing and ever so carefully coaxing SDLM inside the car.

This gardener was SURE that we would never get SDLM out of the SUV in one piece!  HOWEVER, to our surprise, SDLM came out so much easier than she went in.

After sitting out in the garden to acclimate,  today is SDLM's planting day.  Stay tuned, for followup photos.  She will be seated to the right of SDLM shrub, across the driveway back to the 3 acres.  It will be so fantastic when they bloom in unison!  Now this gardener needs to head for the nursery to get some of her chores scratched off the list.  Happy Day to all~

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November Blooms
November 08, 2011

                          Papa Gontier and Belinda's Dream


Beautiful roses blooming in the display garden and what a lovely mix of colors.  These two are a picture as you look through the arbor.  The gardener had to share these beautiful November blooms with all of you!  Don't forget to stop and smell the roses~

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Open Sale Day Saturday Nov 5th 10 to 2pm
November 03, 2011













Oops, sorry but she just had to have her pic in the November blooms show!

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Rose Du Jour
October 22, 2011

Our beautiful Lafter Hybrid Tea Antique Rose is putting on quite a show in the fall rose garden.  In one of the descriptions I read recently Lafter’s blossoms were described as “cantaloupe-orange, but perhaps more poetically described as the color of a glowing sunset” a true description for this gardener.  One that is truly indicative of the color of this rose. 


The breeding of this rose is by Brownell, in 1948, crossing the Hybrid Perpetual ‘Général Jacqueminot’ and the Wichuraiana and Tea cross, ‘Dr. W. Van Fleet’.   A wonderfully continous blooming shrub with glossy leaves and is very healthy here in the North Central Florida area.  The fragrance is strong and lends itself well to cut flowers, staying for more than a couple of days.




Lafter, (Pronounced: LAFF-tur) is very tolerant to poor soil, however does need full sun.  Deadheading is welcomed, promoting new blossoms.  Lafter is very disease resistant, heat resistant and drought resistant and also cold hardy.  Irresistible, in a word  would categorize this antique rose!



Lafter is listed as growing to a 6 ft font, however here at Rose Petals Nursery after its February pruning to 5 ft, its now 8 ft high.  This gardener recommends Lafter, a very robust rose for our area and a great performer.   

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Buy 3 get 1 FREE
September 24, 2011


For our October 1st Open Sale Day, we will be running a Buy 3 get 1 FREE sale on all 1 gallon roses in inventory.  The promotion is for PICKUP only, it does not include shipping.  All of these roses are last year’s cuttings and are VERY large for a 1 gallon container.   Once they are either put in the ground or up potted they will grow and bloom even more.

All sales can be paid for in advance of the October 1st Open Sale Day through our website.  We will simply pull those “paid for” roses out of the stock area and put them on hold for pickup.

Our inventory is easily viewed at our website, by clicking on the “In Stock” area of  First come first served, no roses will be put on hold without being previously paid for.

October 1st Open Sale Day hours are from 10AM until 2PM.    

Contact information is available on the website.

PS.  Don’t forget the HMF button by each rose description, this will open to a new window and tell you all you ever wanted to know about that particular rose at

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Great Fragrance, Great Cut Flower in an Antique Rose
September 19, 2011


Today as this gardener walked the garden, one of the roses just stood out among all of the others.  Has that ever happened to you?  One of your roses, just speaks to you?  You have seen it bloom so often, but this particular time this rose, Baronne Henriette de Snoy says, “I’m the most beautiful in the entire garden”!  And you know what, this gardener think she is right!


Take a look at these photos, isn’t she absolutely amazing?  She stands easily 12 ft tall and if the gardener would let her, she would grow 6 ft wide.   The blooms are amazing, three gorgeous 4 inch blooms on one stem.  And folks, this is a totally "no spray garden" here at Rose Petals Nursery.  Beautiful foliage and gorgeous roses, what more could you ask for?



Baronne Henriette de Snoy was introduced in 1897.  That means that our rose in our garden was a cutting from the rose that was introduced 114 yrs ago.  It also means that any Baronne Henriette de Snoy rose you buy from our nursery is a cutting from that original rose introduced 114 years ago.  What would you pay for any other Antique 114 years old?  Here you pay $9.00 for a one gallon plant of a rose that is 114 years old. 




She is classified as a tea, pink in color.  Baronne has a strong fragrance and a lasting cut rose for the vase. 

Here at Rose Petals Nursery, we will have Baronne Henriette de Snoy available soon.  Please check the website often, as the gardener will add her as quickly as she is available. 

Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses~

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Earth-Kind Roses
September 10, 2011

Belinda's Dream at the nursery this morning!


We often talk about tough roses, and there are none more appropriate than Earth-Kind roses.  This is a designation that Texas AgriLife Extension Service has deemed twenty-two roses with the Earth-Kind status.  Here is the list:


Belinda’s Dream

Caldwell Pink (Pink Pet)

Carefree Beauty

Cecile Brunner (shrub)

Climbing Pinkie


Duchesse de Brabant

Else Poulsen

Georgetown Tea

La Marne

Marie Daly

Mme. Antoine Mari


New Dawn

Perle d’Or

Reve d’Or

Sea Foam

Souvenir de St. Anne’s


The Fairy

Mrs. Dudley Cross

Monsieur Tillier

The Earth-Kind roses have gone through multi-year trials passing with flying colors.  Dr. Steve George, head of the Earth-Kind Rose Research Team, makes this observation, “Earth Kind Rose Research is what separates really great hardy landscape roses from other roses.  The research protocol subjects plants to really tough environmental conditions, including heat and drought stress, high disease pressures, less than optimum soil conditions and, in the Northern Earth-Kind Rose Trials, bitter winter temperatures without protection from the elements.  If a rose can stand up to these environmental stressors and still become stunning landscape specimens, they are considered as a candidate for the Earth-Kind status.”

All roses receiving the Earth-Kind designation have proven the following:

Grow with a 98% reduction in fungicides and pesticides

Grow with no commercial fertilizers

Grow with a 70% reduction in supplemental irrigation


Self Deadhead

Tolerate highly alkaline clay soil

All twenty-two of the Earth-Kind roses are available at Rose Petals Nursery.  All are on their own root.  For further information, please check our website

More information is available on Earth-Kind roses at


Had to cut a few this morning for my desk at home!

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News Flash
September 07, 2011

We are making a few updates to our website and one that I am particularly excited about is the above symbol in the description section of each rose.  This is a direct link to


We are always concerned about providing enough knowledge about each rose, now we have help.  Just click the HMF icon and you’ll be whisked away to all you ever wanted to know about a particular antique or old garden rose!

History, growing conditions, comments from people that have grown the rose, photos, you name it they provide it. 

This gardener knows that knowledge is power.  And that is what does, gives you the power to grow unbelievably gorgeous antique and old garden roses. 

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Antique and Old Garden Roses of the 1800s Blooming Now
September 06, 2011

                                       Louis Phillippe 1834


                                 Archduke Charles 1837


                                                  Safrano 1839


                                     Leveson Gower 1845


                                Mlle. de Sombreuil 1851


                                              Reve d 'Or 1869


                                             Perle d 'Or 1874


                      Comtesse du Riza Parc 1876


                         Souv. Francois Gaulain 1889


                                    Clotilde Soupert 1890


                                  Mary Washington 1891

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August Antique and Old Garden Roses
August 23, 2011

There was a storm brewing, the breeze was picking up.  Of course, that is when this gardener's schedule permitted time to take pictures of some of the roses blooming right now.  And you guessed it, most of the pictures  turned out blurry.

However, taking a deep breath, here are a few of the roses blooming now.  Enjoy!



       Bailey's Red  - 1932


          Mrs. William R. Smith - 1908


   Mrs. William R. Smith - 1908


   Bermuda's Anne Olivier - Found

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Antique Rose - White Pet
August 16, 2011


                                                  White Pet


Beautiful White Pet offers a cool respite with her constant blooms in the heat of the summer.  Seems as if she shrugs off the high temperatures we are experiencing.  What has happened to our afternoon showers that cool everything off? 


This antique rose is a wonderful beginner rose.  A polyantha that is a great container rose.  We grow them in old whiskey barrels in front of one of our barns.  Her year of introduction is 1879.  Disease resistant is another plus.


White Pet will be available very soon.  Watch the website for her "coming out" party.  She is one of the Antique Roses you will want to include in your garden. 

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Antique and Old Garden Rose Wordless Wednesday
July 27, 2011

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Antique Rose and Old Garden Rose Recent Aquisitions
July 20, 2011

                                                    Louise Odier - Bourbon - 1851



                   Tuscany Superb - Gallica - Before 1848



                      Alfred de Dalmas - Moss Rose - 1855




              Blanc Double de Coubert - Rugusoa - 1892


                     Comte de Chambard - Portland - 1860



                         La Reine - Hybrid Perpetual - 1842



                    Dutchess of Portland - Portland - 1770


                                      Indigo - Portland - 1830's



        Souvenir du President Lincoln - Bourbon - 1865

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Red, White and Blue Antique Roses
July 03, 2011



Rose Petals Nursery wishes all of their family and friends a safe and Happy 4th of July!

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Open Sale Day Tomorrow July 2nd
July 01, 2011


Saturday is Open Sale Day from 10am-2pm.  We invite everyone to come out and check out all of the Antique Roses.  Real "living antiques" you can plant in your own gardens enjoying their flowers for many years to come.













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Antique Rose Girlfriends
June 25, 2011

                               Mrs. B R Cant



                                 Souvenir St. Anne



Tomorrow I'm spending the day with the best bunch of gal pals.  All five of us love something I hold near and dear to my heart - - Antique and Old Garden Roses.  Each of these ladies, have their own very distinct heirloom rose gardens.  Now don't get me wrong here, each of us will grow a more modern rose in and amongst our antique roses.  For the most part we all are into propagating and protecting the older roses.

We all are members of  multiple rose societies and groups.  Each of us are continuing our passion for growing these “living antiques”, four of us are taking a road trip to share another girlfriend’s fantastic own rose garden.  I can’t help but proclaim it as one of the largest privately held rose gardens in our North Central Fl. area.  Not only will we get a private tour, but this rose lover is serving us lunch too!

I’m sure we will see both of the antique roses pictured.  Mrs. B R Cant and Souvenir St. Anne are “must haves” in your collection of old garden roses.  Mrs. B R Cant was first introduced in 1901.  A beautiful tea rose as expected has a wonderful fragrance.   She has a gorgeous pink double bloom that blooms throughout the season. This beauty is the feature rose on our business cards and our signs.   Now, Souvenir St. Anne is no slacker.  She has been around since 1916.  This classy lady is a medium sized shrub which produces clusters of crepe paper like blossoms, which are that ever so slight pink color.  She blooms throughout the season and emits a wonderful fragrance.

Many thanks go to both the Marion County and Gainesville Rose Societies for bringing together a bunch of Antique Rose Girlfriends. 



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Meeting New Friends
June 22, 2011

                        GENERAL SCHABLIKINE

Today, at Rose Petals Nursery we had visitors all excited about Antique Roses.  There is never a day when we don't feel the same way.  To see other folks as interested in them always makes for a great start on the day. 

Our visitors drove up with their neighbors from a small town in Central Florida to visit and buy several varieties of Antique Roses.  Some of their choices were Mrs. B R Cant, Mutablis, Old Blush, Baronne Prevost and Archduke Charles along with many many more. 

Our new friends are so enamored with Antique Roses that it has expanded throughout their neighborhood.   In spreading the word that these Old Garden Roses are a great fit into our sustainable way of thinking.  Backyard neighbors want to also become apart of this huge gardening effort.  Not only will this be a beautiful area for others, but it allows these folks to enjoy roses chemically free.  Imagine having a beautiful arrangement of scented roses on your table free from pesticides. 

Meeting new friends and knowing we will see each other again, because the rose garden is never completely full.  Most start with a few roses and then expand.  We join rose garden clubs; we do tours together, chat about pointers and connections to enhance our rose growing efforts.

As our friends said so eloquently today, "We have never met nicer people, than rose people"!  I couldn't agree more!

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Antique Rose or Old Garden Rose of the Week
June 19, 2011

Mevrouw Natalie Nypels

Here on Rose Petals Nursery Blog we will begin featuring one special antique rose each week.  Sometimes this is a very hard thing to do with so many beautiful roses to choose from, however this week, it was a easy choice.  The honor goes to Mevrouw (meaning Madame) Natalie Nypels, who is fully in bloom and completely scrumptious.

She is a polyantha which means that she blooms in small clusters.  She was introduced in 1919 in the Netherlands by Mathias Leenders.  MNN is a small shrub (2-3 ft), repeat blooms well all through the season.  Bearing semi-double soft pink flowers in small clusters beckon to be cut and used in a table arrangement.  Her fragrance is deliciously scented. Her foliage is dark green and glossy with good disease resistance.

Mevrouw Natalie Nypels would be a great small bedding antique rose in a mixed border of companion plantings.  Or to simply display her in a container on the patio.  In the display gardens here at Rose Petals Nursery we have used her out in front of other larger shrub roses.  

However you choose to use Mevrouw Natalie Nypels you are sure to have a gorgeous antique rose that you can be proud of.  Mevrouw Natalie Nypels is available in one gallon containers here at Rose Petals Nursery.  Please check the website for pricing.

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