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Delayed Shipping....Choose your date!
March 20, 2017

Order for Spring 2017


With our delayed shipping, your ordering for Spring 2017 can be simple! Use the customer's choice of shipping dates in the dropdown box on the Checkout Page of our website to select a Spring shipping date. Ordering now ensures you have access to the roses of your choice before they are sold out and are not available until the next round of propagation for that rose.
We look forward to your business,
The Gardener and Mr. Blue Jeans

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Free and Fantastic Resource for Roses...
September 06, 2016

Help me find

The website is a free encyclopedia of roses online. Customers may click on the HMF icon next to any rose on our website to research more information about the rose of interest. Using this icon enables you to learn more information such as growth habits, lineage, history, other members' observations, as well as viewing additional photos of the rose you're considering.
Until later,
The Gardener

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Delayed Shipping
January 19, 2016


Order for Spring 2016


With our delayed shipping, your ordering for Spring 2017 can be simple! Use the customer's choice of shipping dates in the dropdown box on the Checkout Page of our website to select a Spring shipping date. Ordering now ensures you have access to the roses of your choice before they are sold out and are not available until the next round of propagation for that rose.
We look forward to your business,
Rose Petals Nursery

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Top 10 FAQs
January 16, 2016

Top 10 FAQs

Q: What are your hours?
A: Rose Petals Nursery is open with an appointment - we ask for you to call or email giving us some advance notice to accommodate everyone's schedules. Additionally "Open Garden Days" are held most months without appointments. You can check our Event Calendar on the website for future Open Garden Days.

Q: What is the best way to contact Rose Petals Nursery?
A: Email is the best as our hands are usually in the roses. If you should need to speak with us, please email providing a good time to talk and the best telephone number for us to contact you.

Q: How do I know whether a rose is In Stock or not?
A: Our website has an "In Stock Tab" available for each rose and our inventory is continually updated.
Q: How do I know when a particular rose I want to obtain is back "In Stock"?
A: We offer a "Wish List" for this very reason. Register on our website and add the rose(s) of your choice on your "Wish List". You will receive an email notification when a rose on your list is back "In Stock". Remember others may be waiting for that rose too - as anyone else who has that rose on their Wish List receives that same notification.  Rose Petals Nursery does not retain access to your individual Wish Lists nor registration credentials in order to protect your privacy. Please record your credentials in a safe place so you have access to your Wish List online.
Q: How do I order roses from Rose Petals Nursery?
A: You may order online, by phone, email or regular old US Postal Service. Rose Petals Nursery does not retain any of your personal information to protect your privacy.  You will be asked for your shipping and payment information each time your order through any method.

Q: How many roses fit in a box?
A: Rose Petals Nursery shipping materials are set up for the quantities of roses, 1, 2, 4 and 6 box sizes. Since the common carriers now base shipping costs on dimensional measurements ordering in one of these increments will give you the most for your shipping dollar. When an order is less than one of the box counts (for example 3, 9 or 11 roses) we must include an empty container to stabilize the roses in the box. 

Q: How do I know how much shipping costs will be?
A: It's easy and quick!  Add the total number of roses into your "wheelbarrow" on our site, click Checkout.  You will be prompted to enter your zip code and click GO.  The shipping options and amounts will be shown.  It is good to remember that - per plant - shipping costs improve with the larger number of roses in the order. For example going from 3 up to 4 roses in an order will add very little in shipping costs.  Please note - Orders placed from many areas in the Western states must use the 3-Day Express Saver Option so the roses will arrive by Friday.
Q: How are my ordered roses shipped?
A: Rose Petals Nursery ships own root roses in one gallon pots with soil. These roses are first year plants.

Q: When do you ship so that I know when to expect my roses?
A: Mondays are Shipping days for Rose Petals Nursery. We ship on Monday so all roses arrive at their final destination by Friday. Shipping dates are available on our Event Calendar
Q: What methods of payment do you accept?
A: We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, Paypal, checks and cash (in store only).  

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Roses are Red....
December 18, 2013



As the holidays draw nearer, our Series of Red roses continues.   Today we will chat about a much beloved class of old garden roses, a bourbon.   ‘Maggie’ has captured the attention all around the world it would seem.  Largely the reason might be that she grows so well in many different parts of our planet.



Much is written about ‘Maggie’ and her many aliases.  It does seem to be the consensus that ‘Pacific’ and ‘Madame Eugene E. Marlitt’ are the most frequently referred to.  Recently at the Heritage Rose Foundation Conference, we heard a new name for ‘Maggie’.....”Deep Purple Swallow”, simply romantic!  Stories abound as to her origin and her lineage, so at Rose Petals Nursery her label reads Found.



Cerise colored fully double flowers are frequent and abundant on several of the plants we have growing in between the nursery and the ranch.  The fragrance is out of this world and it never ceases to excite The Gardener to lift a blossom of ‘Maggie’ and show someone new about this old world beauty.  A cluster bloomer and great for a cutting.

‘Maggie’ can be grown as a shrub and can also be trained on a pillar or trellis.  Almost thornless and is very disease and heat tolerant.



By whatever name you choose to call this rose, our mother plants have been sold to us with the ‘Maggie’ tag, so that is how Rose Petals Nursery will sell their plants.  Please visit our user friendly online store to order yours today.  Delay shipping, ship now or pickup at the nursery are all options.  Online purchase of gift certificates make for ease of completing your gift giving list.  In addition, gift certificates may be used online for shipment to the lower 48 except for Arizona.  

During this busy holiday season, please don’t forget to take the time to stop and smell the roses...

The Gardener

“Preserving History One Rose at a Time”

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Red Rose du Jour - 'Cramoisi Superieur'
December 16, 2013



Introduced in France in 1834 by Jean-Baptiste Paillet is ‘Cramoisi Superieur’.  A china by classification and a shrub by its growth habit.  Also called ‘Agrippina’ and many other names not as commonly known as the former two.


Medium red to a deep red full blossoms.  Fragrance is moderate and seems to be more of fruity scent.  Smaller flowers bloom in a cluster formation never leaving a large specimen without flowers all during the blooming season.  



‘Cramoisi Superieur’ takes pruning very well into hedge shapes.  There is a climbing sport of ‘Cramoisi Superieur’ available also.  

Both shrub and climbing forms of ‘Cramoisi Superieur’ are available and in stock at Rose Petals Nursery.  We are happy to delay your shipping until you are ready, ship now or pickup at the nursery.  



‘Cramoisi Superieur’ would make a lovely gift for anyone on your gift giving list.  Let us know so that we can include a card along with your gift.

Sending warm wishes, cause its chilly even down here in North Central Florida!

Mr. Blue Jeans and The Gardener

“Preserving History One Rose at a Time”

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'Nur Mahal'
December 13, 2013


Crimson according to the Webster dictionary is a “purplish-red color”.    Therefore, ‘Nur Mahal’ will be our Red Rose Series of the day.

Bred in 1923 by the Rev. J.H. Pemberton, one of the most strongly scented musk roses in our garden.  In fact a Hybrid Musk, the blooms are semi-double in a cluster on a single stem.  Flowers throughout the season along with nearly thornless, ‘Nur Mahal’ grows tall and branching.  Very disease resistent and another one of those great roses that thrives and blooms without a lot of fuss.

‘Nur Mahal’ comes with a great story.  Let’s begin with the translation which is “The Fairy of the Palace” or “Light of the Palace”.  Nurjahan was a beautiful Crown Princess of Persia whom met her future husband in a rose garden.  The son of Emperior of India his name was Jehangir and was not a successful ruler.  However, his wife Nurjahan ruled the country behind the scenes.  Rather than objecting to this, her husband gave her the name Nur Mahal (Light of the Palace).  

‘Nur Mahal’ is In Stock at Rose Petals Nursery now.   Our online store is very user friendly and will give you many options.  Delayed shipping, shipping now or pickup at the nursery.  Pay with your credit card or check through Paypal or  Gift Certificates may be purchased online and even used online, enabling ease of completion for the rest of your Christmas gift giving list.

We are here to help, contact us at for questions or concerns.

Mr. Blue Jeans and The Gardener thank you for visiting~

The Gardener

“Preserving History One Rose at a Time”

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'Princesse de Sagan'
December 12, 2013



The Gardener’s most favorite classes of roses is the Tea Rose.   There are so many virtues to this particular classification.  Let me point out just a few:

Most teas are fantastic cut flowers

Most teas have a wonderful tea scent

Most teas are nicely foliated plants, hardy with good disease resistance here in zone 8b

Most teas are distinctive in appearance (whether short or tall)

‘Princesse de Sagan’ is in the classification of teas.  Some believe she may also be known as ‘Professor Ganiveat’.  

Legend has it that ‘Princesse de Sagan’ was bred in 1883 with her introduction in 1887 by Dubreiul.  

A cherry red double blossom darkening with age carries along with it a sweet fruity fragrance.  Many variables from weather conditions to time of day will determine the depth of fragrance.  ‘Princesse de Sagan’ will rebloom throughout the blooming season.  Adding one more reason to include ‘Princesse de Sagan’ in your garden is that she is almost thornless.

In Stock now at Rose Petals Nursery, order yours today.  Delayed shipping as well as immediate shipping is available, should your part of the country be warm enough to support such a delivery.  Gift Certificates are also available and may be purchased online.  The recipient may use the Gift Certificate online as well.  The elves at Rose Petals Nursery are happy to help you complete your Christmas List.

As the Red Rose Series continues….Mr. Blue Jeans and The Gardener wish you and yours the happiest and safest of holiday seasons!

The Gardener

“Preserving History One Rose at a Time”

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More Red Roses.....
December 10, 2013



Back to the Red Rose Series, today’s post will focus on a fascinating story of a white pearl and a dragon’s mouth!  Of a rose that most probably has been in cultivation for thousands of years in China.  However, the rose did not meet United States soils until the 20th Century.

‘White Pearl in Red Dragon’s Mouth’ is also known as ‘Chi Long Han Zhu’.  Loosely the translation is reported to mean, a fiery red dragon holding a (white) pearl in its gaping jaws.  Further mention that the “pearl” is of wisdom or virtue, carried in Chinese mythology by the scarlet Imperial dragon.

Flowers of our featured rose today do carry an exotic and aristocratic semi-double, deep red with the white marking centered blossoms.  Fragrance is moderate and we are rewarded almost monthly with the fiery red flowers. A shorter shrub with deep green foliage, very disease resistant and tough as nails here in zone 8b.

Rose Petals Nursery is happy to offer it in stock now.   Place your order today using our user friendly online store and request delayed shipping or we are happy to ship to you now.  Of course you are always welcome to pick up your ‘White Pearl in Red Dragon’s Mouth’ at the nursery.

Mr. Blue Jeans and The Gardener thank you for visiting,

The Gardener

“Preserving History One Rose at a Time”

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'Rose de Rescht'
December 05, 2013



A damask, a portland or a damask perpetual are all classifications that have been used to describe the next red rose in our series.

‘Rose de Rescht’ a very fragrant and long lasting flower, of very double form.  Thick lush foliage on a plant requiring more research of its origin.  Rescht a capital of Persia and some say it grows wild all over the country.  Some tell that Miss Nancy Lindsey brought it from Persia to England in the 1940’s.

Whatever the research, this deep red sometimes shading to fuchsia is a must have.  Available now at Rose Petals Nursery.  Order yours today from our user friendly online store and arrange for shipping now or whenever you are ready.  Pickup is also available at the nursery.   

Until Later,

The Gardener

“Preserving History One Rose at a Time”

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Continuing our Red Rose Series...
December 04, 2013


If you are looking for a hardy bulletproof ever blooming red rose machine…..your search may stop right here.  ‘Louis Philippe’  was bred in France by  Modeste Guerin in the year of 1834.   Classified as a China, the fragrance is absolutely amazing.  Even once the petals drop the fragrance lingers on and on.   Mr. Blue Jeans and The Gardener can always look forward to including ‘Louis Philippe’ in the holiday table arrangements.  



Non-stop blooming in the garden, 'Louis Philippe' has globular petals blooming in a cluster.  Standing the test of time nearly 180 years old, this rugged old rose will out perform other roses hands down.  Grown here around the ranch in pure sand with no amendments, the blooms keep on coming.  Disease free and small leaves that are so indicative of Chinas, each plant with its red flowers can't help but make you smile!  



Many authorities have placed a measurement on ‘Louis Philippe’ at maturity, however here in our zone 8b specimans grow very tall into bush forms.  Easily 10-12 ft tall and 6-7 ft wide before the pruning begins.



Louis-Philippe, King of France. Born October 6 1773 at the Palace Royale, France, passed on October 26, 1850.  



Rose Petals Nursery has in stock now 1 gallon size and 3 gallon size ‘Louis Philippe’.  We ship the smaller, however the 3 gal size must be picked up at the nursery.  Order your nearly 180 year old ‘living antique’ today from our user friendly online store  Let us know when you are ready for your shipment, we are happy to hold them at the nursery until you are ready.  Or give a Gift Certificate to someone on your holiday list.  They may be purchased or used online without issue and there is no expiration date to worry about!



Antique and Old Garden Roses are no fuss, just imagine where many of them still grow in cemeteries and old home places with no care at all.  With just a little care they will thrive beyond your imaginations.  

The roses that we propagate are cuttings that have come from the original plant back in 1834.  That is our mission to preserve this variety and others so that others may enjoy growing ages old beauties or worse from extinction.

Until Later....enjoy your day!

The Gardener

"Preserving History One Rose at a Time"

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Part 2 of the Red Rose Series
December 02, 2013



In hopes of showcasing as many of our red roses as possible, today we have included two of the roses blooming in the display garden on their own root.  Each hardy, heat tolerant, totally carefree and no spray in zone 8b at Rose Petals Nursery.  The Gardener is such a fan of these two roses as they require so little of her attention yet flower throughout the blooming season which is 365 days if we do not loose the buds and flowers to frost.



A found rose “Old Gay Hill” was discovered in Old Gay Hill, Texas.  Some believe a taller sport of ‘Fabvier’, the blooms are of semi-double form.  As you will notice in our photos of “Old Gay Hill” one stem is sufficient to display in a vase or left on the bush in your garden to enjoy.  Fragrance along with the almost thornless shrub is a must have.



The second feature of our Red Rose Series post of today is ‘Skyrocket’.  Bred in 1934 by Wilhelm J. H. Kordes II, 'Skyrocket' should be recognized as one more tough and heat resilient variety.  Classified as a Hybrid Musk, the clusters are double formed deep red and again is a bouquet of just one stem.  The fragrance has been noted by some as honey scented.  



Recommended for the easy going lifestyles of gardening now,  The Gardener is offering both of these roses at Rose Petals Nursery and are in stock.  Visit our user friendly online store at and order today.  Shipping is available through UPS to most of the lower 48 or pickup may be scheduled at the nursery.  


Gift Certificates may be purchased online as well as can be used online for the rosarian on your gift list.  Another way to give a 'living antique' and spread the beauty of historic and ages old roses....just visit our online store for easy and carefree shopping convenience.



Do you have a red rose you would like to have highlighted at the Old Garden Rose Blog?  Let us know by contacting us at  

More Red Roses to come……

The Gardener


“Preserving History One Rose at a Time”

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A Series of Red Roses...
December 01, 2013



Today, the first day of December 2013, will begin what The Gardener envisions as a month long series on the subject of Red Roses.  Education along with a newfound appreciation of ages old roses will be our goal.

Red has long been associated with December and roses.  Crossing all classifications of the rose family along with several continents, we will show you photos of the rose that has been chosen as the star.   Included in these posts The Gardener will feature histories, stories, whether the featured rose is in stock and/or maybe a tip or two.

With the announcement out of the way…..ta….da…..the first  rose to be featured is ‘Red Smith’s Parish’.  




As reported in the book,  Roses in Bermuda Revisited, by The Bermuda Rose Society,  cuttings from the all red branches of “Smith’s Parish” were propagated by two members of the society.  As far as is known the plants of ‘Red Smith’s Parish’ have never reverted back to “Smith’s Parish”, a white rose with an occasional streak of red in the blossom.



A china grown on its own root thrives well in our Zone 8b.   ‘Red Smith’s Parish’ traits includes a nice fragrance, disease free in a no spray garden and it blooms throughout the season here.  Growing into a large bush about 6 feet tall, the leaves are small and slender as with most china roses are.  The blooms are semi-double and do darken in color as the flower ages.  



Labeled a found rose, ‘Red Smith’s Parish’, is a true testament to the hardiness of these roses.  Its parent may also be referred to as ‘Fortune’s Five-Colored Rose’.  Rose Petals Nursery has both varieties in stock now.  Order today and choose your shipping date as well as arrange your pickup date at the nursery.  



A sweet sidenote from Diane, a wonderful customer of Rose Petals Nursery.   She tells us that either one of these varieties are a fantastic rose to give as a gift.  What more could you ask for than to receive a rose of “great fortune”?

What will be the next red rose that The Gardener will feature?  Let her know if you have a special request!

Until Later….

The Gardener

“Preserving History One Rose at a Time”

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Rose du Jour - 'Clair Matin'
August 28, 2013



Our feature rose today is a floribunda climber bred in France in 1960.  By most standards this isn't an old rose, however for The Gardener a rose as beautiful as this one deserves commercial attention!


The blooms are shades of pink to peach all along great outreaching arms.  For RPN the growth habit reminds us of a Hybrid Musk.  Along with the beauty, there are many other features that makes 'Clair Matin' a great addition to your garden.  Sweetly fragrant, very disease resistent especially in our no spray display gardens and blooms throughout the season.


One more reason to add 'Clair Matin' to your Wish List, it is a great cut flower rose.  Imagine long arching canes of flowers not just at the end of the cane, but ALL along the cane to enjoy the beauty and fragrance in your own home or to share with someone else.  A real show stopper.


Several are available at Rose Petals Nursery right now.  Visit our nationally acclaimed user friendly website to purchase your roses.  Arrange for delayed shipping, pickup at the nursery or ship on the next available Monday shipping date.   Check our Events Calendar for more information. 


Until Later, enjoy the late summer roses,

The Gardener

"Preserving History One Rose At A Time"

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Rose du Jour - 'Sydonie'
June 21, 2013




Our rose of the day is in a class that doesn't receive many accolades in the no spray garden world down here in zone 8b.  Typically those are leafless and full of disease.  However, 'Sydonie' defies all of those judgements and rides high with her blousy full pink blossoms.  The Gardener wouldn't fool you on this one, she promises.  This photo is exactly what 'Sydonie' looks like at Rose Petals Nursery.  And this wasn't the only blossom, there were several like this!!!!!!!


'Sydonie' was bred by Jean-Pierre Vibert in France back in 1847.  Let's all do the math for a minute, that's 166 years ago!  Our plant is a piece of that original plant that was discovered in 1847 and that makes one you purchase from RPN a historic piece of plant material as well.


Now on top of all of that fabulous news, the rose comes with a strong damask fragrance.  What more can a gardener want?  


If you have begun a wish listing on our website 'Sydonie' should certainly be on it and if you have not started a wish list 'Sydonie' should be your first!  Remember with a wish list you receive first notification once any rose on your listing becomes available.  You may purchase online and arrange for shipping or pickup at the nursery.  A sure way to snap up many of these hard to find roses!


Until Later,


The Gardener


"Preserving History One Rose at a Time"

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News from the Shipping Dept at Rose Petals Nursery
August 20, 2012




Dozens and dozens of Antique and Old Garden Roses left the nursery today headed to several rose addicts across the country.  

Shipping our roses in their potted 1 gallon containers requires great care in order for them to arrive at their destination healthy.  

Our friendly local UPS store owner Brenda is always there with a smile ready to accept the shipment no matter what the size is.  Thank you to Brenda and her staff, they help make the final part of the our shipping process much nicer!


Thanks for stopping by~


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Rose Petals Nursery News...
May 06, 2012


Each year a special get together of Garden

Bloggers gather in far reaches of our great

country.  This year the event Garden Bloggers

Spring Fling is being held in Asheville, North






The Gardener and her sister are on the road

again to learn from all of these great folks tips

for better blogging and tour great gardens in

and around Asheville.   Due to this little field

trip, the nursery will be closed for appointments

from May 13th through May 29th.  

In addition, shipping will also be put on hold

after May 7th ship day.  Shipping will resume on

June 4th.  If your order is already in, the

Gardener will be shipping tomorrow, May 7th as

normal.  Any orders from now until the end of

the month will ship unless otherwise specified

June 4th.  

No worries about being excluded from our trip,

the Gardener will continue to send out blogs to

keep you in the loop.  We have several venue

garden tours, inclusive of the Biltmore Gardens

and NC Arboretum and several private garden

tours all in the cool mountain air of Asheville.




Our next Open Sale Day will be June 2nd with

hours from 9am-1pm.  Please notice the change

in hours and that is due to the heat!!  So please

mark the day and also the change in hours so

you don't miss a thing.



We had a great day yesterday honoring Mr. Blue

Jean's Mom.  As a wonderful friend and rosarian

said in her condolence note, "Roses will be

growing all over in her honor"!  Thank you all

and know Mr. Blue Jeans and the Gardener feel

like we have the best customers of any nursery

out there.




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Peggy Martin Rose
February 17, 2012


Our Rose of the Week is the Peggy Martin Rose. 

Many of you know this rose as the Katrina Rose,

the rose that survived Katrina.  After being

under 20' of salt water for 2 weeks, it not only

survived but bloomed!  Imagine that!!!





Peggy Martin Rose is named after the woman

that grew this rose.  She received the cutting

from a friend and starting to grow this mostly

thornless rambling rose.  Currently we do not

know the "proper" name for this rose.  But as

some have reported Peggy is determined to find


As stated above Peggy Martin is a rambling

rose, meaning less formal that a climber.  She is

vigorous and blooms in clusters of pink roses at

the ends of each of her tendrils.  She is

completely disease free and has also been

reported to grow all over the country, even in

the colder climates.  

The gardener thinks that Peggy Martin would be

a good choice for an arbor or as pictured to

cover a tree stump or maybe to let it go up a

tree.  Such a carefree rose is so welcomed and

such a respite from our busy lives to just let this

rose make our world more beautiful!

Rose Petals Nursery has Peggy Martin Roses in

stock.  Please use our easy Online Shopping

Cart or call 352-215-6399 for a visit to pick one


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Magic at Rose Petals Nursery
October 18, 2011


                                   Statue at Long Ago Roses                                                                                          

As the photo above indicates there is some magic going on at Rose Petals Nursery.  We are preparing to open the November Open Sale Day, Saturday, November 5th with our newly rooted roses of the season. 


We have over 1,000 new strong plants started in the fields, on an average of 6-8 inches tall.


There will be the old favorites, but there will be some new and different rose varieties.  Prices for the newly rooted roses will stay the same - $9.00 a gallon.  However, last years rose plants will now be $12.00, simply because they are now Yearlings and of course much larger.  At this time we will not be able to ship Yearlings.  They will be for pickup only.   The Large Potted Plants (LPP) are $16.00. They of course will also be pickup only.

Within the Yearling roses and the LPP (Large Potted Plants) roses, you will find many roses that we are phasing out.  This is for no other reason than we have made the choice of focusing on "old roses" ONLY.  This will take some time, as we sell out these selections.  In the meantime, we will continue to bring in newer "old rose" varieties to share with you.


Our mission is to enable these old varieties to live long past us.  Just as we breed the Florida Cracker Horse and the Florida Cracker Cow, both on the endangered list as critical, to live long past us also.

If you should have any questions about a specific rose, please feel free to email or phone 352-495-8412.


Additionally, we are on Facebook, please visit us at for in between Blog Posts and 'Like Us'.  We will post Rose Triva, Announcements and updates to the Blog.  Be the first to receive those updates!




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Large Planted Pots (LPP)
June 16, 2011

Rose Petals Nursery has several varieties of Antique Roses in large pots, 2.5 to 3 gallon pots available for pickup only at the nursery.  These antique roses have outgrown their gallon containers and have been uppotted.

These larger roses are perfect  for those folks who love the more immediate gratification of plantings of antique roses which give the illusion they have been planted in their garden last year. 

The LPP listing and pricing are available on our website.  Our customers may certainly pay for the Larger Potted Antique Roses online, however they must be picked up at the nursery.  We cannot ship these large roses.  Our customers are welcome to pay online and we will hold your roses until you can pick them up to insure you have your choice.

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