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Springtime Sale at RPN - $7 on Selected Varieties
April 01, 2018

The Gardener propagated a few too many of the following cultivars and that is good news to you.  Just $7 per 1 gallon pot, nice size and ready for new homes.  Delayed shipping is available to our friends in places that the weather isn't quite ready for new plants.  Order online, the roses are already marked at the $7 pricepoint.  

Thank you for supporting us for nearly 12 years!  Have fun and shop the roses!


The Gardener and Mr. Blue Jeans

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Random Catching Up...
July 21, 2013





The Gardener apologizes for being so out of touch.  It has been raining on and off for days.  We have given up and worked in the pouring rain unless of course its is storming.  We have changed clothes at least twice each and every day and sometimes even more.






Its about taking the nursery back from the weeds, moving/adding Antique and Old Garden Roses into the display gardens and beginning new projects.  Tweaking if you will, to better show all the visitors at Rose Petals Nursery how a particular rose grows in “no chemical and no spray” rose gardens.  





The volunteer sunflowers and butterfly perennials that birds and nature sow are being carefully groomed around.  Nature is ok with The Gardener, just please don’t choke out the roses!





All of the irrigation in the display gardens at the nursery are off. The cleanup is easier when the soil is moist from the rain, however everything (including the weeds) grow so much faster.  The pile of cypress mulch each day becomes less of a mound as the cleanup continues.


TIP:  Covering your clean areas with good weed free mulch is a super big wow factor to instant gratification plus as the breakdown occurs the soil beneath the mulch is vastly improved.  





Antique and Old Garden Roses, along with some other familiar favorites are being propagated daily in order to bring you a little piece of our rose collection.  We continue to build our inventory of the most difficult to find or completely out of commerce older rose varieties.  In doing so Rose Petals Nursery hopes to “Preserve History One Rose at a Time”.





To select from or just to see what we offer, please check our website often.  Under the ‘Browse Roses’ tab you will find an ‘In Stock’ category to peruse what is available.  The Gardener is proud to say that in most cases we keep this listing fairly accurate.  There are always issues in gardening outside of a greenhouse atmosphere that may cause irregularities.  




There is also a ‘Wish List’ system in place, so that if you see a Antique or Old Garden Rose that RPN is out of stock of, become a member and start your own wish list.  Each time one of the roses on your list becomes available, we will send you an email to let you know its in stock.  At that time you may purchase it through our user friendly website using PayPal or  Along with your ordering process you may arrange for shipping or pickup at the nursery.





Until Later please take the time to share a rose,

The Gardener

“Preserving History One Rose at a Time”

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Rose du Jour - 'Duke of York'
February 23, 2013





Walking amongst the historical Old Garden and

Antique roses a few weeks ago, our Rose du

Jour was a jewel in the crown of Rose Petals


'Duke of York' is a newer variety to us and to

tell you the truth has been a shining star! 

Sparkling in all of its splendid colors in the






Bred by William Paul in the UK in 1893, 'Duke of

York' blooms in variable colors of peach to pink

with hints of rosey red.  The flowers are large

full in appearance and the plant is floriferous in

bloom.  A China by distinction bringing to the

table a strong fragrance.  And if that isn't

enough he blooms throughout the season!






We will have "Duke of York' available at Rose

Petals Nursery soon.  The plant is a younger one

so this year the cuttings will not be plentiful. 

Make sure you have this rose on your Wish List

so that you can be automatically notified when

he becomes available.

Until Later,

The Gardener


"Preserving History One Rose at a Time"

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Happy Holidays from Rose Petals Nursery
December 09, 2012




Two years have quickly flown by as Mr. Blue Jeans

and The Gardener have become the "Curators" of

Rose Petals Nursery.  2012 proved to be a very

rewarding experience for both of us.  We would like

to share with you just a few of our accomplishments

of 2012.


Efforts have been concentrated into "Preserving

History One Rose at a Time" and collecting rare

and historical roses.  Many of these new additions

have been out of commerce or only available through

specialty rooting.  In 2012 we have added well over

200 new varieties to our inventory with an emphasis

on the 1800's and early 1900's.

Work has been diligent to increase the volume

of stock.  We feel we have found many new

combinations in the process of propagation of our

historical roses.  Rose Petals Nursery is still

chemical free and all of our roses are grown out in

nature, not in a greenhouse setting.

Our brand new feature on our website is the Gift

Certificate module.  You may purchase online and

use a printed gift or you may simply use as an

online gift with the online code at the time of

purchase.  Gift Certificates are available for any

amount and never expire.

Another new feature on the website is the Wish List

Automated System, that allows Rose Petals

Nursery to automatically notify you when a rose you

have added to your Wish List becomes available.

Rose Petals Nursery business page on Facebook

continues to provide insight in to our beautiful world

of roses.  


New Features for 2013

Spring 2013 shipping will open to the great state of


An Advanced Search Feature will be integrated

into the website.  Allowing you to search for a

particular rose by color, bloom feature (ie.cut rose),

growth habit, etc.

For all of our Mobile Device friends, we will have a

Mobile App up and running in the New Year.

These and many other ideas will continue to

motivate Rose Petals Nursery on our continuing

quest to "Preserve History One Rose at a Time".


In closing our Annual Holiday Newsletter, we send

our wish to everyone for a Healthy and Prosperous

New Year.  We look forward to spending another year

focused on the roses of your memories!


Happy Holidays,

The Wade's

Rose Petals Nursery


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A Delivery of New/Old Varieties at Rose Petals Nursery
September 12, 2012



Today was like Christmas here at the nursery.

The Gardener received 25 new varieties of

Antique and Old Garden Roses this morning.  Oh

happy day!!!!



Here's a sneak peak into the delivery.....


                                           President Plumecocq  1931


                                         Mme. Nicolas Aussell  1928


                                                     Lady Roberts  1902



As soon as they are strong enough we will start

the propagation process to share with all of you!



Thanks for stopping by~


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Happy Days at Rose Petals Nursery......
June 11, 2012



Today was a beautiful day at the nursery

complete with wild life, flowers and all day

sunshine!  No rain today, the first day in what

seems a lifetime.  Now don't get me wrong we

need the rain, we have been bone dry for too

long.  Typical summer weather here is afternoon

showers just in time to cool off the evenings and

water all of the flowers.  

Our pattern as of late has been rain most of the

day, which makes for a not so fun time in the

gardening world.  Adding to which the weeds

seem to take permission from the rain that they

can go hog wild.  Gotta start the Roundup

mission again.  Just another thing added to the


The Gardener is working hard at starting lots of

new varieties of old roses as well as the ones we

have carried all along.  Ten additional varieties

that Rose Petals Nursery has never carried

before are on their way to the nursery as we

speak.  Thank goodness Mr. Blue Jeans never

limits The Gardener in her dreams.....

Also in the works is an Advanced Search Feature

that will enable you to search a particular color,

year, type, etc of a rose.  So many possiblilites

to help you find the most perfect Old Garden or

Antique Rose for you.  Check back often for all

of the new stock and new features right here at

Rose Petals Nursery.

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Rose Addicts Anonymous...
June 03, 2012




My name is The Gardener and I am a Rose Addict.  Shewww, got that part over with!  Seriously though its an illness, we can never have enough Old Garden and Antique roses.  

The Gardener isn't any different than the rest of you.  The need for older, different varieties of heirloom and old fashioned roses goes on constantly.  God grant me the......

Reading some of the many rose books in print, a new story about a variety will come forth and that rose will become a must have.  Someone may write or call and ask about a certain variety that we do not carry, that particular one
becomes a must have.  

Maybe a color of rose is the hole to fill, maybe a picture from someone's garden shows a stunning rose that becomes the need, it is all about never having enough roses.

The Gardener has put great thought into this so called "illness".  Here's my take on it:  each of the Old Garden and Antique Roses have a story, a history, a mark in their own time.  Some varieties are very popular, for example Cecile Brunner or Louis Philippe.  There are others that are a bit more rare and harder to come by, for example William R. Smith or Duquesa.  

One of our missions here at Rose Petals Nursery is to keep as many of the Old Garden and Antique Roses in commerce as we can.  Helping to make folks aware of these roses and save them for posterity.  Times are tough and collections of Old Garden and Antique Roses all over the country are in danger of being lost.  

June is National Rose Month, The Gardener offers up a challenge to each of you.  Plant an Old Garden or Antique Rose in a garden, your garden, your childs school garden, a friends garden or maybe even a nursing home or hospital garden.  Help someone new to the world of Old Garden and Antique Roses understand that these roses are truly living antiques.  Spread the word....if nothing else The Gardener may have some company in her support group of Rose Addicts Anonymous!

Happy National Rose Month.....

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Education and Propagation Workshop at High Springs Community School
February 29, 2012



Monday, February 27th, Rose Petals Nursery conducted an Education and Propagation Workshop with two of Ms. Ashley Young's  Ag Classes of eleven to thirteen year old students.  All 39 students viewed a short PowerPoint presentation produced by our son Todd Young full of educational facts about Old Garden and Antique Roses.








After the presentation each student received hands on instruction from Rose Petals Nursery and planted 3 Louis Philippe roses for propagation in High Springs Community School's greenhouse.












The Workshop was a great success in educating a new generation about these great living antiques.



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New Varieties of Heirloom Roses
February 07, 2012

Rose Petals Nursery is and has carried many varieties of roses.  Many that span the gamut of Old Garden Roses to the more Modern Roses.  From Buck Roses to Earthkind Roses.  In an effort to find a better fit for our future, we have a desire to concentrate on the "older roses", the varieties that we feel many of our customers would like or are asking for.  The lack of care that many of these heirlooms require is remarkable.  They fit so well into our fast paced lifestyle.  

Oh there will still be some more recent introductions, those that the gardener just can't live without.  For example Carefree Beauty and Belinda's Dream.  If we find a need to change this school of thought, we are open to that idea.

In the meantime we are adding new varieties of the heirloom roses, just last week we added 22 new varieties.  Many may not be available for some time because our "mother plants" are small.  We do not offer any rose that we do not have a "mother plant" for.  Sometimes we can only cut off very little in order not to compromise the "mother plant".  Please check the website often for availablility!

As you surf through the listings of roses we offer and you see a rose that is more modern, that may be the last time we have these particular roses.  We feel that this is a good time to give everyone a "heads up".  That way your rose choice can be yours!

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Thank you Florida Gardening Magazine
January 08, 2012

Thank you to the Florida Gardening Magazine for including us in your Dec/Jan 2012 issue.  On page 39, Rose Petals Nursery is included under the Florida-Friendly Internet Resources with our web address and information about the nursery selling "living antiques". 

We also appreciate the section under the Dudley Farm State Park article, page 18 as having Dudley roses available.  We do have them for sale and will continue to propagate the Dudley Roses. 

Please check out the Florida Gardening Magazine out on your newstands currently.

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Magic at Rose Petals Nursery
October 18, 2011


                                   Statue at Long Ago Roses                                                                                          

As the photo above indicates there is some magic going on at Rose Petals Nursery.  We are preparing to open the November Open Sale Day, Saturday, November 5th with our newly rooted roses of the season. 


We have over 1,000 new strong plants started in the fields, on an average of 6-8 inches tall.


There will be the old favorites, but there will be some new and different rose varieties.  Prices for the newly rooted roses will stay the same - $9.00 a gallon.  However, last years rose plants will now be $12.00, simply because they are now Yearlings and of course much larger.  At this time we will not be able to ship Yearlings.  They will be for pickup only.   The Large Potted Plants (LPP) are $16.00. They of course will also be pickup only.

Within the Yearling roses and the LPP (Large Potted Plants) roses, you will find many roses that we are phasing out.  This is for no other reason than we have made the choice of focusing on "old roses" ONLY.  This will take some time, as we sell out these selections.  In the meantime, we will continue to bring in newer "old rose" varieties to share with you.


Our mission is to enable these old varieties to live long past us.  Just as we breed the Florida Cracker Horse and the Florida Cracker Cow, both on the endangered list as critical, to live long past us also.

If you should have any questions about a specific rose, please feel free to email or phone 352-495-8412.


Additionally, we are on Facebook, please visit us at for in between Blog Posts and 'Like Us'.  We will post Rose Triva, Announcements and updates to the Blog.  Be the first to receive those updates!




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