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Free and Fantastic Resource for Roses
January 21, 2016


Help me find

The website is a free encyclopedia of roses online. Customers may click on the HMF icon next to any rose on our website to research more information about the rose of interest. Using this icon enables you to learn more information such as growth habits, lineage, history, other members' observations, as well as viewing additional photos of the rose you're considering.
Until later,
The Gardener

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Delayed Shipping
January 19, 2016


Order for Spring 2016


With our delayed shipping, your ordering for Spring 2017 can be simple! Use the customer's choice of shipping dates in the dropdown box on the Checkout Page of our website to select a Spring shipping date. Ordering now ensures you have access to the roses of your choice before they are sold out and are not available until the next round of propagation for that rose.
We look forward to your business,
Rose Petals Nursery

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Top 10 FAQs
January 16, 2016

Top 10 FAQs

Q: What are your hours?
A: Rose Petals Nursery is open with an appointment - we ask for you to call or email giving us some advance notice to accommodate everyone's schedules. Additionally "Open Garden Days" are held most months without appointments. You can check our Event Calendar on the website for future Open Garden Days.

Q: What is the best way to contact Rose Petals Nursery?
A: Email is the best as our hands are usually in the roses. If you should need to speak with us, please email providing a good time to talk and the best telephone number for us to contact you.

Q: How do I know whether a rose is In Stock or not?
A: Our website has an "In Stock Tab" available for each rose and our inventory is continually updated.
Q: How do I know when a particular rose I want to obtain is back "In Stock"?
A: We offer a "Wish List" for this very reason. Register on our website and add the rose(s) of your choice on your "Wish List". You will receive an email notification when a rose on your list is back "In Stock". Remember others may be waiting for that rose too - as anyone else who has that rose on their Wish List receives that same notification.  Rose Petals Nursery does not retain access to your individual Wish Lists nor registration credentials in order to protect your privacy. Please record your credentials in a safe place so you have access to your Wish List online.
Q: How do I order roses from Rose Petals Nursery?
A: You may order online, by phone, email or regular old US Postal Service. Rose Petals Nursery does not retain any of your personal information to protect your privacy.  You will be asked for your shipping and payment information each time your order through any method.

Q: How many roses fit in a box?
A: Rose Petals Nursery shipping materials are set up for the quantities of roses, 1, 2, 4 and 6 box sizes. Since the common carriers now base shipping costs on dimensional measurements ordering in one of these increments will give you the most for your shipping dollar. When an order is less than one of the box counts (for example 3, 9 or 11 roses) we must include an empty container to stabilize the roses in the box. 

Q: How do I know how much shipping costs will be?
A: It's easy and quick!  Add the total number of roses into your "wheelbarrow" on our site, click Checkout.  You will be prompted to enter your zip code and click GO.  The shipping options and amounts will be shown.  It is good to remember that - per plant - shipping costs improve with the larger number of roses in the order. For example going from 3 up to 4 roses in an order will add very little in shipping costs.  Please note - Orders placed from many areas in the Western states must use the 3-Day Express Saver Option so the roses will arrive by Friday.
Q: How are my ordered roses shipped?
A: Rose Petals Nursery ships own root roses in one gallon pots with soil. These roses are first year plants.

Q: When do you ship so that I know when to expect my roses?
A: Mondays are Shipping days for Rose Petals Nursery. We ship on Monday so all roses arrive at their final destination by Friday. Shipping dates are available on our Event Calendar
Q: What methods of payment do you accept?
A: We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, Paypal, checks and cash (in store only).  

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Open Garden Day
July 11, 2014


Open Garden Day from 9AM until 1PM.  The roses are doing very well and the selection is good.  The Gardener and Mr. Blue Jeans look forward to meeting new rose friends and seeing our frequent visitors each month on Open Garden Day.

Until next time,

The Gardener

"Preserving History One Rose at a Time"

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Happy 'Mothersday' from Rose Petals Nursery...
May 09, 2014





In honor of Mother's Day, we are featuring

the rose 'Mothersday. 


Also known as Morsdag Red.  A polyantha

shrub of red.  Discovered by F.J.

Grootendorst in the Netherlands in 1949. says this rose grows from 1

foot to 28 inches, however here in North

Central Florida at Rose Petals Nursery this

rose grows much taller than that.  


Blooming throughout the season in a large

double clustered form.  We detect a nice

fragrance which is all the more reason to

celebrate Mothers far and wide!


The use of this rose is good for borders or

patio or even cut flowers.  Recommended as

zone 6b and warmer.


Happy Mother’s Day!

Mr. Blue Jeans and The Gardener

“Preserving History One Rose at a Time”

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'Nur Mahal'
December 13, 2013


Crimson according to the Webster dictionary is a “purplish-red color”.    Therefore, ‘Nur Mahal’ will be our Red Rose Series of the day.

Bred in 1923 by the Rev. J.H. Pemberton, one of the most strongly scented musk roses in our garden.  In fact a Hybrid Musk, the blooms are semi-double in a cluster on a single stem.  Flowers throughout the season along with nearly thornless, ‘Nur Mahal’ grows tall and branching.  Very disease resistent and another one of those great roses that thrives and blooms without a lot of fuss.

‘Nur Mahal’ comes with a great story.  Let’s begin with the translation which is “The Fairy of the Palace” or “Light of the Palace”.  Nurjahan was a beautiful Crown Princess of Persia whom met her future husband in a rose garden.  The son of Emperior of India his name was Jehangir and was not a successful ruler.  However, his wife Nurjahan ruled the country behind the scenes.  Rather than objecting to this, her husband gave her the name Nur Mahal (Light of the Palace).  

‘Nur Mahal’ is In Stock at Rose Petals Nursery now.   Our online store is very user friendly and will give you many options.  Delayed shipping, shipping now or pickup at the nursery.  Pay with your credit card or check through Paypal or  Gift Certificates may be purchased online and even used online, enabling ease of completion for the rest of your Christmas gift giving list.

We are here to help, contact us at for questions or concerns.

Mr. Blue Jeans and The Gardener thank you for visiting~

The Gardener

“Preserving History One Rose at a Time”

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'Princesse de Sagan'
December 12, 2013



The Gardener’s most favorite classes of roses is the Tea Rose.   There are so many virtues to this particular classification.  Let me point out just a few:

Most teas are fantastic cut flowers

Most teas have a wonderful tea scent

Most teas are nicely foliated plants, hardy with good disease resistance here in zone 8b

Most teas are distinctive in appearance (whether short or tall)

‘Princesse de Sagan’ is in the classification of teas.  Some believe she may also be known as ‘Professor Ganiveat’.  

Legend has it that ‘Princesse de Sagan’ was bred in 1883 with her introduction in 1887 by Dubreiul.  

A cherry red double blossom darkening with age carries along with it a sweet fruity fragrance.  Many variables from weather conditions to time of day will determine the depth of fragrance.  ‘Princesse de Sagan’ will rebloom throughout the blooming season.  Adding one more reason to include ‘Princesse de Sagan’ in your garden is that she is almost thornless.

In Stock now at Rose Petals Nursery, order yours today.  Delayed shipping as well as immediate shipping is available, should your part of the country be warm enough to support such a delivery.  Gift Certificates are also available and may be purchased online.  The recipient may use the Gift Certificate online as well.  The elves at Rose Petals Nursery are happy to help you complete your Christmas List.

As the Red Rose Series continues….Mr. Blue Jeans and The Gardener wish you and yours the happiest and safest of holiday seasons!

The Gardener

“Preserving History One Rose at a Time”

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More Red Roses.....
December 10, 2013



Back to the Red Rose Series, today’s post will focus on a fascinating story of a white pearl and a dragon’s mouth!  Of a rose that most probably has been in cultivation for thousands of years in China.  However, the rose did not meet United States soils until the 20th Century.

‘White Pearl in Red Dragon’s Mouth’ is also known as ‘Chi Long Han Zhu’.  Loosely the translation is reported to mean, a fiery red dragon holding a (white) pearl in its gaping jaws.  Further mention that the “pearl” is of wisdom or virtue, carried in Chinese mythology by the scarlet Imperial dragon.

Flowers of our featured rose today do carry an exotic and aristocratic semi-double, deep red with the white marking centered blossoms.  Fragrance is moderate and we are rewarded almost monthly with the fiery red flowers. A shorter shrub with deep green foliage, very disease resistant and tough as nails here in zone 8b.

Rose Petals Nursery is happy to offer it in stock now.   Place your order today using our user friendly online store and request delayed shipping or we are happy to ship to you now.  Of course you are always welcome to pick up your ‘White Pearl in Red Dragon’s Mouth’ at the nursery.

Mr. Blue Jeans and The Gardener thank you for visiting,

The Gardener

“Preserving History One Rose at a Time”

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'Rose de Rescht'
December 05, 2013



A damask, a portland or a damask perpetual are all classifications that have been used to describe the next red rose in our series.

‘Rose de Rescht’ a very fragrant and long lasting flower, of very double form.  Thick lush foliage on a plant requiring more research of its origin.  Rescht a capital of Persia and some say it grows wild all over the country.  Some tell that Miss Nancy Lindsey brought it from Persia to England in the 1940’s.

Whatever the research, this deep red sometimes shading to fuchsia is a must have.  Available now at Rose Petals Nursery.  Order yours today from our user friendly online store and arrange for shipping now or whenever you are ready.  Pickup is also available at the nursery.   

Until Later,

The Gardener

“Preserving History One Rose at a Time”

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Continuing our Red Rose Series...
December 04, 2013


If you are looking for a hardy bulletproof ever blooming red rose machine…..your search may stop right here.  ‘Louis Philippe’  was bred in France by  Modeste Guerin in the year of 1834.   Classified as a China, the fragrance is absolutely amazing.  Even once the petals drop the fragrance lingers on and on.   Mr. Blue Jeans and The Gardener can always look forward to including ‘Louis Philippe’ in the holiday table arrangements.  



Non-stop blooming in the garden, 'Louis Philippe' has globular petals blooming in a cluster.  Standing the test of time nearly 180 years old, this rugged old rose will out perform other roses hands down.  Grown here around the ranch in pure sand with no amendments, the blooms keep on coming.  Disease free and small leaves that are so indicative of Chinas, each plant with its red flowers can't help but make you smile!  



Many authorities have placed a measurement on ‘Louis Philippe’ at maturity, however here in our zone 8b specimans grow very tall into bush forms.  Easily 10-12 ft tall and 6-7 ft wide before the pruning begins.



Louis-Philippe, King of France. Born October 6 1773 at the Palace Royale, France, passed on October 26, 1850.  



Rose Petals Nursery has in stock now 1 gallon size and 3 gallon size ‘Louis Philippe’.  We ship the smaller, however the 3 gal size must be picked up at the nursery.  Order your nearly 180 year old ‘living antique’ today from our user friendly online store  Let us know when you are ready for your shipment, we are happy to hold them at the nursery until you are ready.  Or give a Gift Certificate to someone on your holiday list.  They may be purchased or used online without issue and there is no expiration date to worry about!



Antique and Old Garden Roses are no fuss, just imagine where many of them still grow in cemeteries and old home places with no care at all.  With just a little care they will thrive beyond your imaginations.  

The roses that we propagate are cuttings that have come from the original plant back in 1834.  That is our mission to preserve this variety and others so that others may enjoy growing ages old beauties or worse from extinction.

Until Later....enjoy your day!

The Gardener

"Preserving History One Rose at a Time"

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Part 2 of the Red Rose Series
December 02, 2013



In hopes of showcasing as many of our red roses as possible, today we have included two of the roses blooming in the display garden on their own root.  Each hardy, heat tolerant, totally carefree and no spray in zone 8b at Rose Petals Nursery.  The Gardener is such a fan of these two roses as they require so little of her attention yet flower throughout the blooming season which is 365 days if we do not loose the buds and flowers to frost.



A found rose “Old Gay Hill” was discovered in Old Gay Hill, Texas.  Some believe a taller sport of ‘Fabvier’, the blooms are of semi-double form.  As you will notice in our photos of “Old Gay Hill” one stem is sufficient to display in a vase or left on the bush in your garden to enjoy.  Fragrance along with the almost thornless shrub is a must have.



The second feature of our Red Rose Series post of today is ‘Skyrocket’.  Bred in 1934 by Wilhelm J. H. Kordes II, 'Skyrocket' should be recognized as one more tough and heat resilient variety.  Classified as a Hybrid Musk, the clusters are double formed deep red and again is a bouquet of just one stem.  The fragrance has been noted by some as honey scented.  



Recommended for the easy going lifestyles of gardening now,  The Gardener is offering both of these roses at Rose Petals Nursery and are in stock.  Visit our user friendly online store at and order today.  Shipping is available through UPS to most of the lower 48 or pickup may be scheduled at the nursery.  


Gift Certificates may be purchased online as well as can be used online for the rosarian on your gift list.  Another way to give a 'living antique' and spread the beauty of historic and ages old roses....just visit our online store for easy and carefree shopping convenience.



Do you have a red rose you would like to have highlighted at the Old Garden Rose Blog?  Let us know by contacting us at  

More Red Roses to come……

The Gardener


“Preserving History One Rose at a Time”

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Rose du Jour - 'Clair Matin'
August 28, 2013



Our feature rose today is a floribunda climber bred in France in 1960.  By most standards this isn't an old rose, however for The Gardener a rose as beautiful as this one deserves commercial attention!


The blooms are shades of pink to peach all along great outreaching arms.  For RPN the growth habit reminds us of a Hybrid Musk.  Along with the beauty, there are many other features that makes 'Clair Matin' a great addition to your garden.  Sweetly fragrant, very disease resistent especially in our no spray display gardens and blooms throughout the season.


One more reason to add 'Clair Matin' to your Wish List, it is a great cut flower rose.  Imagine long arching canes of flowers not just at the end of the cane, but ALL along the cane to enjoy the beauty and fragrance in your own home or to share with someone else.  A real show stopper.


Several are available at Rose Petals Nursery right now.  Visit our nationally acclaimed user friendly website to purchase your roses.  Arrange for delayed shipping, pickup at the nursery or ship on the next available Monday shipping date.   Check our Events Calendar for more information. 


Until Later, enjoy the late summer roses,

The Gardener

"Preserving History One Rose At A Time"

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Rose du Jour - 'Le Vesuve'
August 15, 2013




'Le Vesuve' always reminds me of Sherry Roma....of the fame.  A good friend and fellow rosarian going through some difficult times with the love of her life Tom.

'Le Vesuve' is Sherry's all time favorite and RPN has been the recipent of many cuttings along with a shovel pruned plant from Sherry's homestead.  Let's explore what makes 'Le Vesuve' so fantastic!

A pink blended china that is aka Lemesle and "Vintage Towers Tea".  Bred by Laffay in 1825 in France.  Lovely blossoms from dark to very light in the center of the flower.  Super fragrance and reblooms throughout the blooming season.  Extremely disease resistent grows to a nice size shrub without the use of chemical sprays or fertilizers.

We have several available at Rose Petals Nursery, please check our instock listing.  If you should have any questions please feel free to call Cydney's private cell phone 352-215-6399.  

Until Later please share a rose with someone,

The Gardener

"Preserving History One Rose at a Time"

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Rose du Jour - 'Sir Thomas Lipton'
July 06, 2013




'Sir Thomas Lipton' is our choice as the Rose du Jour.  Beautifully disease free Hybrid Rugosa with gardenia like full white blossoms.  You can't help but notice and appreciate their beauty.  A strong fragrance along with its shade tolerance makes a believer out of RPN.  

Bred by Dr. Walter Van Fleet in the USA in 1900, there have been reports of black spot susceptability on 'Sir Thomas Lipton'.  However, in zone 8b both at Rose Petals Nursery and the Lightered Wood Ranch, we have none what so ever.  We use no chemicals at either location and our feature rose is an outstanding performer.

We have also found a heavy rebloom on our particular cutting, we obtained from Goodwood Museum and Gardens in Tallahassee FL.  The Mother Plant is easily 8 ft tall still in her very large pot and continues to thrive with little care.

Gallon size 'Sir Thomas Lipton' are available now at  Get yours while we have them in stock.  Our user friendly and easy to order online website will answer all of your questions as you read through the multiple pages available.

We can be in contact through email or telephone....if you call please leave a message, most likely The Gardener is out with the roses!

Until Later please share a blossom or two,

The Gardener


"Preserving History One Rose at a Time"

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Rose du Jour - 'Varigated di Bologna'
July 01, 2013




Many of the roses in the  Bourbon classification do well down here in zone 8b.  We are particularlly taken with our Rose du Jour, 'Variegata di Bologna'.  


Extremely disease resistent and vigorous growth even while its in a pot!  Bred by Massimiliano Lodi in Italy before 1909 and introduced in Italy by Gaetano Bonfiglioli e figlio the same year. Very large full solitary blooms with stripes of cherry red and white.  Along with a strong fragrance and an occasional rebloom during the season, our Rose du Jour is a great cut flower to share or enjoy in your own home!


One is available now at  We are a user friendly website.  Please explore and find all of the answers to your questions with in the multi paged site.  


Please contact us if you should have further questions.  

Until Later, 

The Gardener


"Preserving History One Rose at a Time"

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A Rose for Hot Summer Days...
June 25, 2013



This week 'Carefree Beauty' comes to mind.  With busy times in the summer many of us need roses that are self supporters.



'Carefree Beauty' often referred as "Katy Road Pink".  Bred in the USA by Dr. Griffith Buck in 1977, this rose carries the designation of Earthkind.



Along with disease free foliage, no spraying necessary and large double pink with yellow centers all season long.  If that is not enough to tempt you, the fragrance is strong and sweet.  We have 2 between the ranch and the nursery around 13 years old each and they still continue to be blooming machines.



Order yours now at and have it shipped or pick up your order at the nursery, so that you can enjoy the warm summer days with 'Carefree Beauty'.

Thanks for stopping in!

Until Later,

The Gardener


'Preserving History One Rose at a Time"

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Rose du Jour - 'Sydonie'
June 21, 2013




Our rose of the day is in a class that doesn't receive many accolades in the no spray garden world down here in zone 8b.  Typically those are leafless and full of disease.  However, 'Sydonie' defies all of those judgements and rides high with her blousy full pink blossoms.  The Gardener wouldn't fool you on this one, she promises.  This photo is exactly what 'Sydonie' looks like at Rose Petals Nursery.  And this wasn't the only blossom, there were several like this!!!!!!!


'Sydonie' was bred by Jean-Pierre Vibert in France back in 1847.  Let's all do the math for a minute, that's 166 years ago!  Our plant is a piece of that original plant that was discovered in 1847 and that makes one you purchase from RPN a historic piece of plant material as well.


Now on top of all of that fabulous news, the rose comes with a strong damask fragrance.  What more can a gardener want?  


If you have begun a wish listing on our website 'Sydonie' should certainly be on it and if you have not started a wish list 'Sydonie' should be your first!  Remember with a wish list you receive first notification once any rose on your listing becomes available.  You may purchase online and arrange for shipping or pickup at the nursery.  A sure way to snap up many of these hard to find roses!


Until Later,


The Gardener


"Preserving History One Rose at a Time"

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Rose du Jour -'The Bride'
June 14, 2013





'The Bride' is one of the most spectacular blooms we have blooming here at Rose Petals Nursery right now.


A white with many times during the year a pink tinge to its large double bloom.  Nicely tea scented, discovered right here in the good old United States of America by John May in 1885.  A sport of 'Catherine Mermet', our rose du jour is a fantastic cut rose!


Down here in zone 8b it is absolutely disease free with deep dark green foliage.  RPN's mother plant is still young,  however HMF does say that the rose will grow to 4 feet by 3 feet.  We will keep you posted!


Don't forget we offer the service of a Wish List on our website,  Once 'The Bride' or any other rose you may include on your wish list becomes available, RPN sends you an email.  At that time you may want to purchase it right away through Paypal or and arrange for shipment or pickup at the nursery.  This ensures you get first dibs on the hard to find roses as they are put up on the website.


We have not forgotten how to post a blog, sorry its been awhile!  But we are back and hope to stay in touch a little more often.  Stay cool and hydrated....


Until Later,


The Gardener


"Preserving History One Rose at a Time"


PS.  We are joining MayDreams hosting Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.  Please go over and check out the many gardens of fellow bloggers at

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A Rose Story...1845...
March 03, 2013



Eighteen hundred and forty five, 168 years ago

today, Florida became the 27th state in the

union.  This fact inspired The Gardener to talk

about her roses....go figure!

In the same year two of the Old Garden Roses

we offer were introduced or discovered.



Madame Melanie Willermoz, a tea bred by

François Lacharme in France.  White blended

large full blooms with fragrance.  Blooms

throughout the season.  We now have only one

available for shipping....pickup is also possible.






Leveson Gower, a Bourbon bred by Jean Beluze

in France.  Gorgeous deep pink large full blooms

and fragrant.   Also blooms throughout the

season.  Graville Leveson-Gower (1773-1846)

was the 1st Earl Granville, British statesman and

diplomat and a long time amabassador to


Rose Petals Nursery has a great new feature,

for those of you who would love to have either

of the above roses.  Once you have registered

your Wish List on our website, our system will

automatically email you when your choices of

roses are available and in stock.


Happy Florida Statehood Day from Mr. Blue

Jeans and The Gardener in honor of our home


Until Later,

The Gardener

"Preserving History One Rose at a Time"

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Rose du Jour - 'Duke of York'
February 23, 2013





Walking amongst the historical Old Garden and

Antique roses a few weeks ago, our Rose du

Jour was a jewel in the crown of Rose Petals


'Duke of York' is a newer variety to us and to

tell you the truth has been a shining star! 

Sparkling in all of its splendid colors in the






Bred by William Paul in the UK in 1893, 'Duke of

York' blooms in variable colors of peach to pink

with hints of rosey red.  The flowers are large

full in appearance and the plant is floriferous in

bloom.  A China by distinction bringing to the

table a strong fragrance.  And if that isn't

enough he blooms throughout the season!






We will have "Duke of York' available at Rose

Petals Nursery soon.  The plant is a younger one

so this year the cuttings will not be plentiful. 

Make sure you have this rose on your Wish List

so that you can be automatically notified when

he becomes available.

Until Later,

The Gardener


"Preserving History One Rose at a Time"

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February 2013 Garden Bloggers Bloom Day
February 15, 2013


North Central Florida is bracing for what we

hope is our last cool spell of the year.  The

Gardener can hear y'all now north of us saying

oh you think that's bad....but seriously zone 8b

has its advantages.  Cold weather or freezing

weather is not something we dream of around

here....mild temps ok, but the low 30's no

thanks.  What was it that Groundhog said


Before some of these are frozen away until the

next bloom cycle, The Gardener decided to

share a few Old Garden Rose blooms with you!





                                                                          'Papa Gontier'




                                                                 'G. Nabannond'



Both of the first two Tea roses were bred by

Gilbert Nabannond 1828 - 1903, who introduced

more than 200 varieties in France.

'Papa Gontier' introduced in 1883 is a lovely

deep cerise pink, covering the 6 foot tall shrub

at the nursery.  Many times the flowers are a

full 3-4 inches.  Nice tea fragrance and is a great

cut flower.  Blooms all year long for us here at


'G. Nabannond' introduced in 1888 is a light pink

also double blossom with a strong sweet

fragrance.  Nearly thornless and also is a hearty

bloomer in our neck of the woods, blooming

throughout the season.






'Mutablis' also known as the "Butterfly Rose" is a

China rose.  The blooms are single and the

coloring of the flowers appears to cover the

shrub in butterflies.  Fragrant and blooms

throughout the season.  Bred before 1894

'Mutablis' also carries the Earthkind designation,

an extremely hardy rose.






'Reve d'Or' (in French "dream of gold) blooms

an amazing color of apricot to gold, large full

flowers.  Bred in France by Jean-Claude Ducher

in 1869 classified as a noisette, fragrant and

blooms throughout the season.  At RPN, you are

greeted by 'Reve d'Or' on the fenceline just as

you enter the parking area.  Easily 8-9 ft high

and 12 ft wide, quite a sight to see.

So many more Antique and Old Garden Roses

blooming over the entire 5 acres, The Gardener

will be a hoping and a praying that the cold isn't

cold enough to take our flowers away!

Until Later,

The Gardener

"Preserving History One Rose at a Time"

Joining Carol at May Dreams for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

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A Found Rose
February 01, 2013






This rose was found on an old family farm in

Newberry, Florida.  As a matter of fact there are

several roses on the property.  Many have been

identified, others have not.






This was Mother's favorite rose, hence its

name.  As the story goes, she was very infirmed

and sitting on the front porch with her

daughters.  She asked to be helped down the

porch stairs to smell her rose.

Her daughters did as they were asked and upon

smelling the rose, Mother Dudley passed.

A sad, but beautiful story all rolled into a true







"Mother Dudley" has yet to be

identified....causing  many to guess as to her

real identity.  For us at Rose Petals Nursery, The

Gardener and Mr. Blue Jeans are content at

knowing Mother is looking down from above

proud to have her plant shared with all of you.


Please check often or put "Mother Dudley" on

your wishlist to have an automated notice from

our website (under the log-in tab) sent to you as

quickly as we have them available.



Until Later,

The Gardener

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All About the Antique and Old Garden Roses blooming NOW
January 24, 2013





Today in Zone 8b, the nursery is in its renewal

period.  New red growth on the old garden and

antique roses (and a couple of more modern

roses), many with flowers.

The Gardener cut a few that are blooming today

and posed them on the rye glass in cut crystal to

capture the sun's rays.  Enjoy!







The cast of characters...'Duquesa' - Tea (2005),

'Climbing Pinkie' - Polyantha (1952), 'White

Cecile Brunner - Polyantha (1909), 'Louis

Philippe' - China (1834), 'Pink Pet' - Polyantha

(1928), 'Napolean' - China (1835), 'Winecup' -

China (Found), 'Iceberg' - Floribunda (1958),

'Nur Mahal' - Hybrid Musk (1923), 'Spice' -

China (Before 1810), 'Arethusa' - China (1903),

'Bowbells' - Shrub (1991), 'Rival de Paestum' -

Tea (Before 1843) and 'St. David's' - China


All roses are available at Rose Petals Nursery. 

Be sure to click on the Log-in Tab to make your

Wish List so that you may receive an automated

notice when any of these roses  are available

and in stock.

Until next time,

The Gardener

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It's that time again.....
November 15, 2012



Each month on the 15th Rose Petals Nursery

joins fellow garden bloggers on May Dreams

blog for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!



Our selection is 'Break o' Day' aka 'Delta'; an

early Hybrid Tea bred in 1939 by the Brownell

Family.  As you can see, the flower is an orange,

apricot, peach blend with large double blooms,

that is 17-25 petals.  Very fragrant and does

rebloom throughout the season.



As lists this rose grows to

32 inches.  I'm betting down here in Florida it

reaches taller!



A cross between a Seedling x Glenn Dale, this

rose looks to be a great addition to every

garden.  Which leads The Gardener to remind

you of our exciting new automated notification

service when you add Break o' Day to your

wishlist or any other rose that you may like to

have first dibs on when it becomes available.

  Certainly you may also check back on our

website for availability of Break o' Day.



Thanks to May Dreams for hosting

"Preserving History One Rose at a Time"


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Your Wish is Our Command...
October 21, 2012





'Lady Roberts' a tea from 1902 is on my Wish

List.  The Gardener ordered her from Vintage

and she is very very small.  One day my wish is

for her to grow big and strong to be able to offer

her to all of you!


A new feature has been recently added to our

website is the subject of today's blog posting.

Many of you have enjoyed the Wish List as part

of your private listing service.  Of course this

listing can be used for a multitude of reasons, ie

Christmas Lists, Birthday Lists, Mothers and

Fathers Day Lists and on and on and on.

Now there is one more service that has been

made available to you our rosie friends....a

Notification Service.  One more way to get your

rose choice as quickly as possible.

Register including your email and check your

choices to be added to the Wish List.  Rose

Petals Nursery will automatically send you an

email once your choices have been added to the

online stock.  A simple way to purchase your

roses before the general public has the

opportunity to view the "In Stock" tab of the


You always have the option to delay your

shipping.  The Gardener will simply hold your

purchased roses in our "special sold area" until

you are ready for shipment.  Sometimes we

have to do some adjustment on the shipping

charges, meaning the more you ship at one

time the more economical it is.  Therefore, we

either include a check with your order and/or

give you the option to add more roses.

A win-win for everyone it seems....our

customers have their roses and we have an

automatic service that notifies our customers of

the roses they wish for!

Thanks for stopping by~


"Preserving History One Rose at a Time"

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A Delivery of New/Old Varieties at Rose Petals Nursery
September 12, 2012



Today was like Christmas here at the nursery.

The Gardener received 25 new varieties of

Antique and Old Garden Roses this morning.  Oh

happy day!!!!



Here's a sneak peak into the delivery.....


                                           President Plumecocq  1931


                                         Mme. Nicolas Aussell  1928


                                                     Lady Roberts  1902



As soon as they are strong enough we will start

the propagation process to share with all of you!



Thanks for stopping by~


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News from the Shipping Dept at Rose Petals Nursery
August 20, 2012




Dozens and dozens of Antique and Old Garden Roses left the nursery today headed to several rose addicts across the country.  

Shipping our roses in their potted 1 gallon containers requires great care in order for them to arrive at their destination healthy.  

Our friendly local UPS store owner Brenda is always there with a smile ready to accept the shipment no matter what the size is.  Thank you to Brenda and her staff, they help make the final part of the our shipping process much nicer!


Thanks for stopping by~


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Ready to Go August Stock
August 16, 2012




We are proud to bring our customers a current

listing of what is being put out in stock before

the website is completely updated.  Many of the

following roses will become active on our site

Saturday morning.  Some were updated a few

days back...but the majority of the list below is

not currently on the web.

As you know, many of these varieties go

quickly, so if you are interested in any of them,

please be sure to place your order as quickly as

you see them available.

On another note, Rose Petals Nursery will be

closed for shipments, pickups and appointments

from August 21st through September 4th.  All

orders that have been received as of today and

have not chosen deferred shipment will be

shipped on Monday, August 20th. 

Shipments/orders received after today will

resume September 10th.  Mr. Blue Jeans and

The Gardener will be on another "rosie

expedition" in the Pacific Northwest.  

A quick reminder that our Open Sale Day is the

2nd Saturday of the month, September 8th from

9am - 2pm due to the Labor Day Holiday.  

We will continue to check messages in order to

best stay in touch with all of you.  

See everyone when we return,


August Release in Gallon Size Only 

$10 each plus shipping/handling~

10 Lilian Austin
9 Duquesa
2 Mrs. Dudley Cross
2 Old Blush
2 Mme. Lombard
11 Cherokee Rose
4 Mozart
3 Natchitoches Noisette
1 Veilchenblau
4 Mutablis
2 La Reine
1 Altissmo
2 Papa Hemeray
10 Perle d 'Or
1 Jean Bach Sisley
2 Spice
10 Iceberg
10 Julia Child
10 Cracker Rose Pink
5 Bon Silene
2 Baronne Henrietta de Snoy
4 Alexander Hill Gray
1 Mme. Joseph Schwartz
1 Red Smith's Parrish

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Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.....
August 15, 2012


These are just a few of the old garden and

antique roses that are blooming today

in our display garden.  Wishing you were here to

share in our peaceful rural rose garden

and nursery!



'Rh. Jules Gravereaux'   1908



'Skyrocket'   1934



'Bridesmaid'   1892



'Mme. Melanie Willermoz'   1845



'Maitland White'   Found



'Rose du Roi'   1812



'Marchal Niel'  1857



'Rival de Paestum'  1843



'Mother Dudley'   Found



We are joining for

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day for August 2012.

  Thank you MayDreams for hosting and for

helping us to share with everyone the delight in



"Preserving History One Rose at a Time"!

Have a good day and thanks for stopping by~


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Antique Rose du Jour....
August 11, 2012



Its been a beautiful day in the Old Garden and

Antique Rose Garden here at

Rose Petals Nursery.  Butterflies, hummingbirds

and songbirds abound...a

paradise...with the fragrance of roses blooming

all through the garden.  Our

Florida Cracker Horse mares offer sweet

wheenies just to let The Gardener

know they are close.  

Bumble bees, feral honeybees along with all

sorts of insects, none very

distrubing....nature at her finest!

Our antique rose of the day is White Maman

Cochet.  An amazingly gorgeous tea

rose available in both shrub form and climbing





Discovered in 1896 in both Australia and the

United States, described as a cream with rose

accents on its outer petals.  The tea fragrance is



According to HMF will grow from 3-8

feet tall and a width of 2-8 feet for the

shrub version.



The climbing version was discovered in 1907 as

a sport of the shrub, grows 8-12 feet  tall and a

width of 8 feet.



The blossoms are large and full, will make a

great cut flower, blooming throughout the




Both varieties are available at Rose Petals

Nursery, please

check often for availability.

Thank you for taking your time to visit with



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Antique and Old Garden Rose Eye Candy
August 02, 2012



'Duchesse d' Auerstadt'


The Gardener decided to tempt you with what is

blooming at the nursery right now!


'Rose du Roi'


As many of our faithful rosie friends know the

first Saturday of every month we have Open

Sale Day.  That means we are open usually for

about a 5 hr period.  During the summer we are

open from 9am-1pm and during the fall, winter

and spring we are open from 10am-2pm.  All

other times are by prior arrangement.

This Saturday, August 4th we will be open from

9am-1pm.  We hope to see you all there!

'Maitland White'





'William R. Smith'


'Rival de Paestum'


'Mother Dudley'


'Comtessa du Cayla'


'Mrs. Pierre S. duPoint'


'Marechal Niel'




'Mme. Melanie Willermoz'




'Darlow's Engima'

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Bermuda Mystery Roses...
July 31, 2012


Did you know there are many mysteries in the

world of Old Garden and Antique Roses?  One of

those mysteries surround the island of




Bermuda's Anne Olivier


Bermudas Kathleen


Many years ago, settlers to the land of Bermuda

brought roses from their homelands to plant in

the landscape.  As the story goes, the history of

the roses were lost, thus becoming "mysteries".



Brightside Cream




The cultivars bloom almost every 30 days or so,

are on own root and thrive in the harsh island

weather.  With little care the Bermuda Mystery

roses can be lovely in your landscape.



Emmie Grey




The listing of the Bermuda roses are long and

there are many more available at Rose Petals

Nursery, however we will show you pictures of a

few of them.  We encourage you to visit our


and seek out these wonderfully adaptable old

garden and antique roses.



Miss Atwood

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Rose du Jour - Safrano
July 28, 2012




The Gardener thought we needed a hard

working Old Garden Rose that stands up to the

heat to be the Rose of the Day today and

Safrano is just that OGR.

Classified as a Tea rose, Safrano is a strong

growing antique dating to 1839.  Large double

flowers of apricot blending fading to cream in

the heat of the day.  A lovely tea scent for

fragrance and re-blooms all through the season,

Safrano grows to an average of 5 feet high.  In

our zone we have seen it grow much larger.

A cross between Park's Yellow Tea-Scented

China and Desprez, our Rose du Jour played an

important role as parent in many later teas.

Bred by M. de Beauregard,  The Old Rose

Adviser, tells us that he was from Angers and

was a devoted rose amateur, reserve officer,

and chevalier in the Legion of Honor.

Safrano grows abundantly in our Display Garden

here at Rose Petals Nursery, please check our

website for availability.


PS.  Sorry I've been away so long....and thanks

for visiting!

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Rose Envy and Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.....
July 15, 2012


The Rose Petals Nursery Antique and Old

Garden display garden is alive....with

bloom.....we thought we would share it will all

of you!  Some are far away....some are

experiencing intense heat....some are in the

dead of winter....



Bermuda's Anne Olivier


Baronne Henriette de Snoy


One picture one thought one love, brings us all

closer to the most postive of addictions....Rose what we call it around here.

Rose Addicts Anonymous....we love roses!  We

love them all and hopefully lift your spirits if you

are one of those that can't stand to not think of




Cecile Brunner


Clotilde Soupert


Comtesse du Riza Parc




Mme. Lombard




Joining Garden Bloggers Bloom Day and giving

you a sneak peak into the

display garden at just SOME of the blooms of the


Don't forget to stop and smell the roses!

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A Found Rose Maggie......
July 10, 2012




Maggie is a found rose, that has many names

according to which source of her background

you choose to believe.

Botanica's Roses, The Encyclopedia of Roses

Book  (1999)  Page(s) 387.

‘Maggie’. Syn. ‘Pacific’. Old. Bourbon. Medium

red. Repeat-flowering. This rose was found by

William Welch in Louisiana and has become very

popular in the USA. Most agree that there is

some China in its background. The full, globular,

bright red flowers have overlapping petals that

darken in cool weather. There is a pronounced

spicy scent and it makes a fine cut flower. It has

a bushy growth habit, reaching 4-6 ft (1.2 -

1.8m) high, is almost thornless and does well in

rich soil. This rose, which makes a wonderful

hedge or pillar rose was found by Welch at a

farm of his wife’s grandmother, Maggie. Some

claim it is one of the roses created by Rudolf

Geschwind, like ‘Gruss an Teplitz’ or ‘Eugene E.

Marlitt’. Zones 5-10. Found in 1980. Parentage






Rosa Mundi: Journal of the Heritage Rose

Foundation Magazine  (2006)  Page(s) Vol 21


 “Maggie”, a rose that seems to be very familiar

to American rose lovers. I got this rose about 15

years ago from a Texan friend as a mystery

rose, perhaps identical to a lost Geschwind rose

called Eugenie E. Marlitt, which was introduced

in the United States in 1908. Comparing it over

the years with numerous roses in the

Sangerhausen and Cavriglia collections, Martin

Weingart identified it as Julius Fabianics de

Misefa, a rose that does very well in cold areas

like Sweden as well as in the hot climate of






Whatever her TRUE identity is, The Gardener

must tell you that 'Maggie' is a rose that will

wakeup your senses, her fragrance, her form

and her lack of thorns, not to mention what a

great cut flower she makes, this is one rose you

should have in your rose garden.

Rose Petals Nursery has a great selection of this

rose in stock.  And maybe if you visit she will be

blooming for you to experience her beauty first

hand.  Please check the website for easy online


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Introducing a New Feature to RPN Website - The Wish List!
July 03, 2012


The Gardener is so pleased to announce a new

feature to the website....The Wish List!

One of our best customers requested a Wish List

and so after talking to our IT guy, well its now a


On each individual rose there is a little lilac bar

with the words Add to Wishlist.  Simply click on

that  lilac bar and you will have your very own

wishlist to forward to others for gift giving ideas

  (family and friends will love this) or to help to

narrow down all of your wants and your needs

(don't ya love that word?).....


Log in to our site with your own private log in

and passcode and add to your hearts content. 

The Wish List is just a holding spot for your most

wanted roses now or in the near future.  You

may add roses or delete roses as you wish.  Its


If you have questions call or email The

Gardener and she will direct you to as

many of the answers as she knows and for the

rest she will redirect those to the IT Guy!

Have fun and don't forget to use this to your

complete advantage during any and all holiday

gift giving events.  We can ship your

living antique to most of the 50 states.


PS.  Open Sale Day is Saturday,

July 7th from 9am-1pm, see you there!

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Rose du Jour...Grace Darling....
July 01, 2012


'Grace Darling' is one of our newest Old Garden

Rose varieties we have added to our collection.




A beautiful tea rose with a wonderful story

named in honor of Grace Horsley Darling


The story goes in 1838, she was a 15 year old

daughter of a lighthouse keeper on the English

coast.  She and her father rowed out into heavy

seas to rescue survivors and crew of the

steamship Forfarshire.

Declared a national heroine, she received a

letter from Queen Victoria and many offers of

marriage.  However, at the age of 26 she 

succumbed to what was thought to be


Still being honored, the Royal National Lifeboat

Institution names boats in honor of Grace.

A medium size bush, with a wonderful fragrance

and repeat blooms throughout the season, this

pink blended full blossom would be a great

addition to the front of your garden.



'Grace Darling' would also be a great cut flower

for you to enjoy or to allow

someone special in your world an opportunity to




Please check the website often for availability.



PS.   Open Sale Day is this Saturday, July 7th

from 9am-1pm, see you there!

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Rose Du Jour at Rose Petals Nursery...
June 15, 2012




Carefree Beauty a lovely shrub rose from 1977

doesn't suggest old or even antique rose, but

The Gardener couldn't help but share with all

you rose lovers and addicts a gorgeous shrub

blooming in our display garden at the nursery.




Some interesting information about Carefree

Beauty is this rose was bred by Dr. Griffith Buck

and yes is in fact a part of the Buck Rose

Collection.  Also a part of the Earthkind

Collection bodes well for a great no spray rose


Very disease resistant, tolerant to cold and

heat.  At the nursery we have very clean foliage

on our plant and Carefree Beauty does bloom all

during the bloom season.




Large pink double blooms sometimes 4 inches

across with a sweet fragrance.  According to

HMF, this rose is great from zone 4b and


If you are looking for a great all around rose for

your no spray rose garden, please give Carefree

Beauty an opportunity to show you how

impressive this rose can be.  We do have some

available at the nursery now, please check our

website for more information,

Carefree Beauty is just one of the roses

blooming in our gardens so today we are joining

up with May Dreams Garden Bloom Day. 

What's blooming in your garden today?



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Rose Addicts Anonymous...
June 03, 2012




My name is The Gardener and I am a Rose Addict.  Shewww, got that part over with!  Seriously though its an illness, we can never have enough Old Garden and Antique roses.  

The Gardener isn't any different than the rest of you.  The need for older, different varieties of heirloom and old fashioned roses goes on constantly.  God grant me the......

Reading some of the many rose books in print, a new story about a variety will come forth and that rose will become a must have.  Someone may write or call and ask about a certain variety that we do not carry, that particular one
becomes a must have.  

Maybe a color of rose is the hole to fill, maybe a picture from someone's garden shows a stunning rose that becomes the need, it is all about never having enough roses.

The Gardener has put great thought into this so called "illness".  Here's my take on it:  each of the Old Garden and Antique Roses have a story, a history, a mark in their own time.  Some varieties are very popular, for example Cecile Brunner or Louis Philippe.  There are others that are a bit more rare and harder to come by, for example William R. Smith or Duquesa.  

One of our missions here at Rose Petals Nursery is to keep as many of the Old Garden and Antique Roses in commerce as we can.  Helping to make folks aware of these roses and save them for posterity.  Times are tough and collections of Old Garden and Antique Roses all over the country are in danger of being lost.  

June is National Rose Month, The Gardener offers up a challenge to each of you.  Plant an Old Garden or Antique Rose in a garden, your garden, your childs school garden, a friends garden or maybe even a nursing home or hospital garden.  Help someone new to the world of Old Garden and Antique Roses understand that these roses are truly living antiques.  Spread the word....if nothing else The Gardener may have some company in her support group of Rose Addicts Anonymous!

Happy National Rose Month.....

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Rumor Control at Rose Petals Nursery.....
May 30, 2012



Lafter - Hybrid Tea 1943

This Saturday, June 2nd is Open Sale Day at the

nursery.  And yes the rumor is true, back by

popular demand is the BUY 3 FOR THE PRICE OF

1 Promotion. 

Four different varieties will be offered for this

promotion.  Purchase 3 smaller potted roses of

the selected varieties will be only $10.  This

promotion is for pickup only, no shipping, also

this is good only for the June 2nd Open Sale


Please note new hours for the Open Sale Day

9am until 1pm. 

Also you may want to mark your calenders for

the next Open Sale Day which will be Saturday,

July 7th from 9am - 1pm.   There should be lots

of new stock added for that sale date. 

On another note, the Gardener received the

sweetest email today from one of our customers

she would like to share....

    "We purchased some Alachua Reds, a Zepherine D., a Miss Atwood, and a Peggy Martin in April. They are all doing great, and all have lots of new growth.  The climbers are already heading for the top of the fence.  We really appreciate your care advice (especially the alfalfa pellets, which have also made my other plants go nuts), and that you were both so kind and knowledgable.  We loved looking around at the beautiful specimens on the nursery property.  My sister and mother, from Tampa, are really enjoying all of the roses that they purchased as well, and we all think that your prices are amazingly low."

Notes like this make all of the hard work seem

so worthwhile!  Thank you JH, you made my


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An Antique Rose for Mothers Day....
May 13, 2012




In honor of Mother's Day, we are featuring the

rose "Mothersday".  

A polyantha shrub rose of deep red.  Discovered

by F.J. Grootendorst in the Netherlands in 1949. 

Helpmefind says this rose grows from 1

foot to 28 inches, but here in North Central

Florida at Rose Petals Nursery this rose grows

much taller than that.  

Blooming throughout the season in a large

double clustered form as most polyanthas. 

Fragrance is always in the nose of the beholder,

however we detect a nice fragrance.   

The use of this rose is good for borders or patio

or even cut flowers.  Recommended as zone 6b

and warmer.

Our Mothersday stock should be available in the

fall.  Mother Nature always dictates to us, so

this date is a prediction, not fact.  We grow

outside open to the outdoors, not in


A beautiful rose in honor of a very special day.

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New Stock of Antique and Old Garden Roses Potted Up!
May 11, 2012


Last night the Gardener potted up 40 new stock

plants from the transition area in front of the 

mist house.  This means that by the time I get

back from the rose buying trip/Garden Bloggers

Spring Fling, there will be 40 new pots of roses

to chose from at the online store or at the June

Open Sale Day.

Roses like, Moonlight, Mons. Tillier, Safrano,

Prosperity, Souv. Francois Gaulain, Crepescule,

Rosette Delizy,  and Papa Gontier.

Take a peak at them in the website.  In the

meantime here are some photos we have taken

to show you how pretty they are.  Enjoy!



Rosette Delizy






Papa Gontier



Mme. Lombard







Souv. Francois Gaulain



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Buy 3 for the Price of 1 Rose Sale
May 01, 2012


In honor of my Mother In Law Marzilla Waters,

Rose Petals Nursery is having a "mother" sized

Special for all of the visitors to our Open Sale

Day, Saturday, May 5th from 10am - 2pm.  

This Special includes the following roses:



  Louis Philippe


Alachua Red/Red Cascade



Cracker Rose Red


Cracker Rose Pink


The Special is Buy 3 of these roses for the price

of a normal one gallon size rose

of $10.00.  This size rose regularly sells for

$5.00, but for 4 hours on Saturday,

May 5th, you will be able to get 3 of a select

group of Louis Philippe, Alachua

Red, Cracker Rose Red and Cracker Rose Pink

for just $10.00!  

This size is perfect for a gift for your Mother on

Mother's Day.  Also think of friends,

neighbors, co-workers, teachers and Mothers

that don't have their children near to help

celebrate their day.  Give them one or all 3 and

watch their eyes light up!

Be sure to take advantage of this one day

Special at the nursery only.  No

shipping on this particular grouping of roses will

be allowed.

We look forward to seeing everyone there and

know that Mom Waters has a big

smile on her face for roses were her favorite


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Whats Blooming at Rose Petals Nursery
March 15, 2012


The gardener is beginning to round the corner after that devastating freeze the day before Valentine's Day.  Yes, right here in North Central Florida it hit hard and took many of our young roses.  

However, its warming up and raining!  The roses are springing forth in new leaves and blossoms.  I sorta want to go up on the front steps of my pole barn and speak the words of Scarlett O'Hara, "As God is my witness, as God is my witness they're not going to lick me. I'm going to live through this..."


                                                     Papa Hemerey


                                        Mme. Laurette Messimy




                                                         Emmie Grey


                                                 Archduke Charles


                                                          Clair Matin


                                                    Climbing Pinkie




                                                  Rosarie d La Hay


Enjoy the blooms of early March in zone 8b, I'm linking up to May Garden Dreams, Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.  Happy Gardening!

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Antique and Old Garden Presidential Roses
February 20, 2012


As we spend our day of leisure (ha-ha) celebrating President's Day, the gardener thought of the roses that we have or will have available to purchase at Rose Petals Nursery.




President Herbert Hoover is a gorgeous Hybrid Tea introduced in 1928.  With its pink, yellow and orange tones it is one that the gardener is looking very forward to seeing mature.  Herbert Clark Hoover was our 31st president, born on August 10, 1874 in Iowa and died on October 20, 1964 in New York City.  This rose was introduced on the day Hoover was elected President.




Souvenir du President Lincoln, a beautiful deep red Bourbon bred in 1865 has a strong fragrance and blooms throughout the season.  This is another Mother Plant the gardener can't wait to see mature.  The breeder Moreau-Robert named this rose in honor of President Lincoln in the year of his death.  Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809.




Jefferson Rose often called Softee really has nothing to do with our President Jefferson.  It was found on the side of the road in Jefferson, Texas.  However, the gardener thought just because of the name of this rose, we should include it in the post.  With white to yellow blossoms on a smallish shrub, fragrant and blooms throughout the season.


There are a couple of "First Lady Roses" in the Rose Petals Nursery stock available now.  Abigail Adams and Mary Washington.






Abigail Adams, is a more modern multiflora, bred in 1995, this rose is a hardly ever without beautiful clusters of blooms.  Pink aging to white, fragrant and reblooms throughout the season.  She is very hardy here in zone 8b.  Abigail Adams was the wife of President John Adams and the mother of John Quincy Adams, who became the sixth president of the United States.



Mary Washington is also a cluster bloomer.  White noisette, fragrant and reblooms throughout the season was introduced before 1890.  Although Mary Washington was not a first lady she was the mother of our first president George Washington.  The home President Washington bought for his mother in Fredricksburg, Va is now called the Mary Washington House.


Rose Petals Nursery wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday~

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Peggy Martin Rose
February 17, 2012


Our Rose of the Week is the Peggy Martin Rose. 

Many of you know this rose as the Katrina Rose,

the rose that survived Katrina.  After being

under 20' of salt water for 2 weeks, it not only

survived but bloomed!  Imagine that!!!





Peggy Martin Rose is named after the woman

that grew this rose.  She received the cutting

from a friend and starting to grow this mostly

thornless rambling rose.  Currently we do not

know the "proper" name for this rose.  But as

some have reported Peggy is determined to find


As stated above Peggy Martin is a rambling

rose, meaning less formal that a climber.  She is

vigorous and blooms in clusters of pink roses at

the ends of each of her tendrils.  She is

completely disease free and has also been

reported to grow all over the country, even in

the colder climates.  

The gardener thinks that Peggy Martin would be

a good choice for an arbor or as pictured to

cover a tree stump or maybe to let it go up a

tree.  Such a carefree rose is so welcomed and

such a respite from our busy lives to just let this

rose make our world more beautiful!

Rose Petals Nursery has Peggy Martin Roses in

stock.  Please use our easy Online Shopping

Cart or call 352-215-6399 for a visit to pick one


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Pink is the Color of the Week at Rose Petals Nursery
February 13, 2012


Last week as the gardener was tending to her rose garden, she noticed all of the pink around the nursery.  Thinking this was just to nice to keep all to herself, she has decided to share them with all of you!



                                              Tulip Magnolia Tree






                                               'Dolly Dudley' Rose


                                                Phlox Groundcover




                                                 'Formosa' Azalea


                                            Closeup of Tulip Tree




                                                        Redbud Tree


                                                      'Belfield' Rose



                                                    'Hermosa' Rose


                                                   Peach Blossoms


Joining Carol at and her Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.  Happy GBBD!!!!!

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Roses Are Waking Up!!!!!!
February 02, 2012




Today at the nursery was a picture perfect day, 81 degrees, a slight breeze, not a cloud in the sky!  

A secret between you and the gardener the roses are waking up!  New lime green and red foliage all over the display gardens.  Even 4 blooms!  As the gardener was pruning, feeding and watering, the gardens spoke and released a big sigh of relief.  

While pruning the gardener took off several buds that would have bloomed.  This process encourages stronger growth down the line.  Of course these are repeat bloomers and not one time bloomers, the blooms will be back and even better!




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Linda and the Jasmine Circle of Gainesville Garden Club
January 27, 2012


One of the many clubs that the gardener is a member of had their gathering last night.  The guest speaker was Linda Rengarts.  Her program was the Dudley Farm State Park Roses.



As most of the readers of this blog are aware, Dudley Farm State Park in Newberry, Florida is near and dear to both Mr. Blue Jeans and the gardener.  For those of you who are not familiar with this Florida treasure here is the link



Linda has been taking care of the Dudley Roses since 2005.  This takes great care and love for many of these roses are original to Dudley Farm and carry many of their family names.  In her program she tells of personal history of each rose, photos of each of the namesakes and little tidbits of Dudley family history.  The ladies loved the program and now are so excited about visiting to see these roses up close!  Many thanks Linda, whom we call a good friend.



On another note we had the most beautiful little cupcakes called 'Poppers' by the creator Nancy.  The gardener thinks they are too pretty to eat, but Mr. Blue Jeans thought otherwise~


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Thank you Florida Gardening Magazine
January 08, 2012

Thank you to the Florida Gardening Magazine for including us in your Dec/Jan 2012 issue.  On page 39, Rose Petals Nursery is included under the Florida-Friendly Internet Resources with our web address and information about the nursery selling "living antiques". 

We also appreciate the section under the Dudley Farm State Park article, page 18 as having Dudley roses available.  We do have them for sale and will continue to propagate the Dudley Roses. 

Please check out the Florida Gardening Magazine out on your newstands currently.

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Saturday, January 7 Open Sale Day
January 05, 2012


Well folks, the gardener HAD a beautiful display garden to show you.  The roses and camillias WERE an amazing sight to see.  We have had record low temperatures both at the ranch and the nursery.  What does this all mean?  NO more COLORFUL blossoms on anything, just BROWN ones.  



Good news, stock is good, the old roses are troopers.  We'll be open on Saturday 10-2pm.  Come on out and let's all dream of beautiful flowers back on all of our roses!

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Garden Bloggers Bloom Day
December 15, 2011



At Rose Petals Nursery in Zone 8b (Fl), many of our roses are still in full bloom.  The gardener mentions that as a statement in fact, not in a bragging sort of way.  Sharing is every gardeners passion, so this gardener would like to share with you some of what is blooming today.  All roses are grown on their own root, in a no chemical spray garden.




                                                      'Miss Atwood'


                                                    'Mme. Lombard'


                                                         'Clair Matin'


                                                   'Perle d' Jardins'


                                              'Mme Antoine Rebe'


                                                         'Reve d' Or'




                                                          'Old Blush'


                                                     'Louis Philippe'


We are linked up to Garden Bloggers Bloom Day hosted by

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Reminder Dec 3rd Open Sale Day will be at Dudley Farm State Park
November 26, 2011


Just a quick reminder we will NOT be at the nursery Saturday, Dec. 3.  Intead we are helping to support Cane Days at Dudley Farm State Park from 9-3pm.  Please come out and visit this most unique state treasure.  We will have limited roses, so if you have a particular rose in mind, please let us know! 



                                       See you there~

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Open Sale Day Saturday Nov 5th 10 to 2pm
November 03, 2011













Oops, sorry but she just had to have her pic in the November blooms show!

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Buy 3 get 1 FREE
September 24, 2011


For our October 1st Open Sale Day, we will be running a Buy 3 get 1 FREE sale on all 1 gallon roses in inventory.  The promotion is for PICKUP only, it does not include shipping.  All of these roses are last year’s cuttings and are VERY large for a 1 gallon container.   Once they are either put in the ground or up potted they will grow and bloom even more.

All sales can be paid for in advance of the October 1st Open Sale Day through our website.  We will simply pull those “paid for” roses out of the stock area and put them on hold for pickup.

Our inventory is easily viewed at our website, by clicking on the “In Stock” area of  First come first served, no roses will be put on hold without being previously paid for.

October 1st Open Sale Day hours are from 10AM until 2PM.    

Contact information is available on the website.

PS.  Don’t forget the HMF button by each rose description, this will open to a new window and tell you all you ever wanted to know about that particular rose at

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Great Fragrance, Great Cut Flower in an Antique Rose
September 19, 2011


Today as this gardener walked the garden, one of the roses just stood out among all of the others.  Has that ever happened to you?  One of your roses, just speaks to you?  You have seen it bloom so often, but this particular time this rose, Baronne Henriette de Snoy says, “I’m the most beautiful in the entire garden”!  And you know what, this gardener think she is right!


Take a look at these photos, isn’t she absolutely amazing?  She stands easily 12 ft tall and if the gardener would let her, she would grow 6 ft wide.   The blooms are amazing, three gorgeous 4 inch blooms on one stem.  And folks, this is a totally "no spray garden" here at Rose Petals Nursery.  Beautiful foliage and gorgeous roses, what more could you ask for?



Baronne Henriette de Snoy was introduced in 1897.  That means that our rose in our garden was a cutting from the rose that was introduced 114 yrs ago.  It also means that any Baronne Henriette de Snoy rose you buy from our nursery is a cutting from that original rose introduced 114 years ago.  What would you pay for any other Antique 114 years old?  Here you pay $9.00 for a one gallon plant of a rose that is 114 years old. 




She is classified as a tea, pink in color.  Baronne has a strong fragrance and a lasting cut rose for the vase. 

Here at Rose Petals Nursery, we will have Baronne Henriette de Snoy available soon.  Please check the website often, as the gardener will add her as quickly as she is available. 

Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses~

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Antique Rose Story
September 17, 2011


As the story goes, Miss Ellen Willmott had been given family money to garden her three homes, an English Country House, her French Chateau and her Italian Villa.  Eighty or more gardeners tended her gardens.   Miss Willmott was an author of a classic book on species roses, now out of print, Genus Rosa and was given an award honor.  She also funded several rose expeditions out of her own pocket.

All of the niceties aside, she had a bit of a personality among folks.  Wonderfully generous one moment and cantankerous the next time.  At one point in her rose growing career she grew 100,000 species.  Amazingly, she did not like to share cuttings or plants with visitors.

When she would go on tours to others gardens, she would drop invasive weed seeds in the gardens along the way.  To this day this weed still prevails and is known as “Miss Willmott’s Ghost”.


                                                              ‘Ellen Willmott’

'Ellen Willmott' is a hybrid tea introduced in the United Kingdom in 1935.  She is a single with pink edges and yellow undertones and red stamens.  Her blooms have a ruffled appearance with 4-8 petals.   Slightly fragrant and bloom in flushes throughout the season.  A small shrub, according to HMF she is 3-5 ft.  Ours is just around 3 ft and her blooms are easily 3 inches wide.  Really makes a statement in the garden with that beautiful red stamen center! 

We will have 'Ellen Willmott' cuttings ready soon.  We will add them to the website as soon as they are available, so check often.   Even if her namesake was a bit of a hoarder, her bloom outweighs that trait and gives you a wonderful addition to your rose garden.  Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses!

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Earth-Kind Roses
September 10, 2011

Belinda's Dream at the nursery this morning!


We often talk about tough roses, and there are none more appropriate than Earth-Kind roses.  This is a designation that Texas AgriLife Extension Service has deemed twenty-two roses with the Earth-Kind status.  Here is the list:


Belinda’s Dream

Caldwell Pink (Pink Pet)

Carefree Beauty

Cecile Brunner (shrub)

Climbing Pinkie


Duchesse de Brabant

Else Poulsen

Georgetown Tea

La Marne

Marie Daly

Mme. Antoine Mari


New Dawn

Perle d’Or

Reve d’Or

Sea Foam

Souvenir de St. Anne’s


The Fairy

Mrs. Dudley Cross

Monsieur Tillier

The Earth-Kind roses have gone through multi-year trials passing with flying colors.  Dr. Steve George, head of the Earth-Kind Rose Research Team, makes this observation, “Earth Kind Rose Research is what separates really great hardy landscape roses from other roses.  The research protocol subjects plants to really tough environmental conditions, including heat and drought stress, high disease pressures, less than optimum soil conditions and, in the Northern Earth-Kind Rose Trials, bitter winter temperatures without protection from the elements.  If a rose can stand up to these environmental stressors and still become stunning landscape specimens, they are considered as a candidate for the Earth-Kind status.”

All roses receiving the Earth-Kind designation have proven the following:

Grow with a 98% reduction in fungicides and pesticides

Grow with no commercial fertilizers

Grow with a 70% reduction in supplemental irrigation


Self Deadhead

Tolerate highly alkaline clay soil

All twenty-two of the Earth-Kind roses are available at Rose Petals Nursery.  All are on their own root.  For further information, please check our website

More information is available on Earth-Kind roses at


Had to cut a few this morning for my desk at home!

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Antique and Old Garden Roses of the 1800s Blooming Now
September 06, 2011

                                       Louis Phillippe 1834


                                 Archduke Charles 1837


                                                  Safrano 1839


                                     Leveson Gower 1845


                                Mlle. de Sombreuil 1851


                                              Reve d 'Or 1869


                                             Perle d 'Or 1874


                      Comtesse du Riza Parc 1876


                         Souv. Francois Gaulain 1889


                                    Clotilde Soupert 1890


                                  Mary Washington 1891

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Courtesy of Irene Summer Wind
August 27, 2011

   Summer Wind

Here at Rose Petals Nursery we are feeling the Summer Wind.  Hot dry Summer Wind!  Not at all a good description for such a lovely Dr. Griffith Buck rose.  Summer Wind is a vigorous bloomer and does anything but make you feel hot and dry, she makes you feel happy and glad to have come upon such a lovely rose as this one. 


We wish everyone on the eastern coast a safe weekend dealing with miserable Irene!





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Antique Rose - White Pet
August 16, 2011


                                                  White Pet


Beautiful White Pet offers a cool respite with her constant blooms in the heat of the summer.  Seems as if she shrugs off the high temperatures we are experiencing.  What has happened to our afternoon showers that cool everything off? 


This antique rose is a wonderful beginner rose.  A polyantha that is a great container rose.  We grow them in old whiskey barrels in front of one of our barns.  Her year of introduction is 1879.  Disease resistant is another plus.


White Pet will be available very soon.  Watch the website for her "coming out" party.  She is one of the Antique Roses you will want to include in your garden. 

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August 07, 2011

Do you ever get tired of weeding?  Doesn't it seem that no matter what the weather or soil condition weeds still grow well?   In our rose garden here at RPN the weeds have taken over.  Made up their minds that it was a "weed" garden instead of a "rose" garden. 


This week the gardener declared WAR on the weeds.   This gardener hired 2 helpers along with my wonderful husband and we kicked those weeds to the compost!


Antique and Old Garden Roses are typically very tolerant to weeds.  Somehow they just keep blooming with little regard to these intruders into their loveliness.  However, we had an Open Sale Day to get ready for and the gardener wanted our roses to be enjoyed for their true beauty without any help from these interlopers.


We will enjoy this short reprieve without weeds and marvel at the toughness of these Antique and Old Garden roses passed so thoughtfully down to us from the past.

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Open Sale Day
August 03, 2011


Open Sale Day, Saturday, August 6th from 10-2.  We hope to see you there~

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Antique and Old Garden Rose Wordless Wednesday
July 27, 2011

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Antique Rose and Old Garden Rose Recent Aquisitions
July 20, 2011

                                                    Louise Odier - Bourbon - 1851



                   Tuscany Superb - Gallica - Before 1848



                      Alfred de Dalmas - Moss Rose - 1855




              Blanc Double de Coubert - Rugusoa - 1892


                     Comte de Chambard - Portland - 1860



                         La Reine - Hybrid Perpetual - 1842



                    Dutchess of Portland - Portland - 1770


                                      Indigo - Portland - 1830's



        Souvenir du President Lincoln - Bourbon - 1865

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Doing the Happy Dance
July 08, 2011

Here at the Rose Petals Nursery, the rain is falling!  Finally we are getting the kind of rain that gives a good thorough soaking ~ this is a true gardeners dream.   It is the kind of rain that allows us to do other chores in lieu of watering; sometimes it is enough to give a “watering” pass for days!  The added benefit of cooler temps really feels good to those of us that are really impacted by the heat while we are working in the garden. 



                                  William R Smith

The roses, both young and old, are all happy drinking in the much needed Nature’s own moisture.  No wind to whip the bushes, just good old fashioned steady rain.  Thank goodness for deep mulch to hold in that water and to help filter those alfalfa pellets.



One of the chores the gardener was able to accomplish today is to add some more stock into the inventory.  If you are one of the many who search for antique and old garden roses, check our inventory and see if the one you have been looking for is back in stock.  There weren’t many, just a few, but to the folks who covet these roses, it might just be the one you are looking for.  Most were the one gallon size, however there were a few of the Large Potted Plants (LPP) added also. 


                               Bermuda's Anna Olivier

Many cuttings were taken today to put in one of the three mist houses we have at the nursery.  Soon there will be lots of new stock being adding to the inventory list, even some varieties of antique and old garden roses that we have never carried before.  Everyone hold their breaths and wish the little cuttings great health.



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Rose of the Week: Moonlight Antique Rose
July 06, 2011


This week is all about Moonlight, a Hybrid Musk introduced in 1913.  She is a beautiful shrub/climber with semi double white with yellow center flowers.  Each cluster is borne on one of her long limbs with a nice fragrance.  She blooms in flushes all through the season  growing to somwhere between 8-12 ft. 

She definately catches the moon's beams and just glows at night.  We have 3 Large Potted Plants (LPP) at the nursery waiting for your garden home.  Please check our website, for prices.  All LPP's must be picked up at the nursery, we cannot ship these large container plants.

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Open Sale Day Tomorrow July 2nd
July 01, 2011


Saturday is Open Sale Day from 10am-2pm.  We invite everyone to come out and check out all of the Antique Roses.  Real "living antiques" you can plant in your own gardens enjoying their flowers for many years to come.













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Antique Rose or Old Garden Rose of the Week
June 19, 2011

Mevrouw Natalie Nypels

Here on Rose Petals Nursery Blog we will begin featuring one special antique rose each week.  Sometimes this is a very hard thing to do with so many beautiful roses to choose from, however this week, it was a easy choice.  The honor goes to Mevrouw (meaning Madame) Natalie Nypels, who is fully in bloom and completely scrumptious.

She is a polyantha which means that she blooms in small clusters.  She was introduced in 1919 in the Netherlands by Mathias Leenders.  MNN is a small shrub (2-3 ft), repeat blooms well all through the season.  Bearing semi-double soft pink flowers in small clusters beckon to be cut and used in a table arrangement.  Her fragrance is deliciously scented. Her foliage is dark green and glossy with good disease resistance.

Mevrouw Natalie Nypels would be a great small bedding antique rose in a mixed border of companion plantings.  Or to simply display her in a container on the patio.  In the display gardens here at Rose Petals Nursery we have used her out in front of other larger shrub roses.  

However you choose to use Mevrouw Natalie Nypels you are sure to have a gorgeous antique rose that you can be proud of.  Mevrouw Natalie Nypels is available in one gallon containers here at Rose Petals Nursery.  Please check the website for pricing.

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Large Planted Pots (LPP)
June 16, 2011

Rose Petals Nursery has several varieties of Antique Roses in large pots, 2.5 to 3 gallon pots available for pickup only at the nursery.  These antique roses have outgrown their gallon containers and have been uppotted.

These larger roses are perfect  for those folks who love the more immediate gratification of plantings of antique roses which give the illusion they have been planted in their garden last year. 

The LPP listing and pricing are available on our website.  Our customers may certainly pay for the Larger Potted Antique Roses online, however they must be picked up at the nursery.  We cannot ship these large roses.  Our customers are welcome to pay online and we will hold your roses until you can pick them up to insure you have your choice.

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