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Rose of the Week: Moonlight Antique Rose
July 06, 2011


This week is all about Moonlight, a Hybrid Musk introduced in 1913.  She is a beautiful shrub/climber with semi double white with yellow center flowers.  Each cluster is borne on one of her long limbs with a nice fragrance.  She blooms in flushes all through the season  growing to somwhere between 8-12 ft. 

She definately catches the moon's beams and just glows at night.  We have 3 Large Potted Plants (LPP) at the nursery waiting for your garden home.  Please check our website, for prices.  All LPP's must be picked up at the nursery, we cannot ship these large container plants.

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Large Planted Pots (LPP)
June 16, 2011

Rose Petals Nursery has several varieties of Antique Roses in large pots, 2.5 to 3 gallon pots available for pickup only at the nursery.  These antique roses have outgrown their gallon containers and have been uppotted.

These larger roses are perfect  for those folks who love the more immediate gratification of plantings of antique roses which give the illusion they have been planted in their garden last year. 

The LPP listing and pricing are available on our website.  Our customers may certainly pay for the Larger Potted Antique Roses online, however they must be picked up at the nursery.  We cannot ship these large roses.  Our customers are welcome to pay online and we will hold your roses until you can pick them up to insure you have your choice.

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