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Now Blooming the Confederate Rose
October 10, 2014



Hibiscus mutablis, known as the Confederate Rose is in full bloom at Rose Petals Nursery and all over North Central Florida.

Not a native of the south, rather a hibiscus that is from China, does very well in the south…..hence its name?  Or is it this story that relates to the Confederate Rose’s name?

During one particularly bloody battle of the Civil War, a slain soldier fell at the base of a Confederate Rose.  His blood spilled on the ground.  The flowers started blooming white absorbing the slain soldier’s blood through the day and turning red by evening.




Very hardy to us here in zone 8b, the Confederate Rose is an engima to many.  Blossoms 4-6 inches in diameter, beginning white in the morning, turning pink during noon and deep red during the evening of the same day, just as the story above is told.

The flowers resemble a large rose.  They tend to be shrub-like or tree-like and have a fast growth rate.  The “mutablis” part of its name denotes “variable or changeable.”  Height of a full grown bush can reach 15-18 feet.




Interestingly the uses of the Confederate Rose are reportedly emollients and cooling effects used for swelling and skin infections.  Mucliage from the flowers and leaves are used by midwives to facilitate delivery during labor.  

A little bit of trivia to add to your rose collection knowledge!

Until Later,

The Gardener


Preserving History One Rose at a Time”


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