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What do Mike Shoup, Jacksonville Rose Society and Club Continental all have in common?
March 11, 2014


Last week, our friend yes Mr. Blue Jeans and The Gardener can definitely say Mike Shoup is our friend,  came to talk about roses at the Jacksonville Rose Society.  The program about Mike’s philosophies on growing, rustling, pruning and basically even how to maximize the use of our beloved Antique and Old Garden Roses, were in a word fabulous!

Mike’s down to earth, no nonsense approach is a breath of fresh air.  He is like a member of the family who has a giant and yes I mean giant nursery business.  Ships a mere 100,000 plants a year is mindboggling.  He was a mentor before we had a nursery, before we ever met him, and now is one of the most very approachable rosarians you would love to meet.

Mr. Blue Jeans and The Gardener joined a small group of friends along with Mike and visited the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens…wow what a wonderful place.  Krista Larsen (fellow JRS member and nice lady)  has been hired to help restore the beautiful gardens right on the banks of the St. John’s River.  A must see if you are in the area.  Krista lead us on a brief tour of the art exhibits as our time frame was short.

On to one of the coolest barbeque places we have ever eaten….MoJo’s #4.  Great food and great service, they even have a Texas Rose as one of their signature cocktails!!!!!

On to the Garden Club which just happens to be right next to the Cummer on the St. John’s River to hear Mike speak and get our coveted Empress of the Garden by Mike Shoup autographed.  Can you tell The Gardener was wowed?  Thanks to the Jacksonville Rose Society for arranging the visit with Mike Shoup.  

And then if that wasn't enough…...Karrie Massee who is owner of Club Continental personally escorted us to her lovely Inn.  The history and beauty of this place is not to be unseen.  Please take a peak at her website to see the grounds and read the history.  Our suite was on the river, absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.  The next morning Karrie met us in the dining room where it was just the three of us for a great breakfast and then on to a walking tour of the property.  Amazing….perfect venue for weddings, family reunions or even a romantic weekend stay.  Thank you Karrie for being such a gracious host.







The world of roses has introduced us to some of the most fantastic friends.  We are grateful and our world is better for having them in it.

If you are wondering what the answer to the title of this post really is - Monday, March 4th, 2014!!!!

Thank you so much for stopping by and enjoy checking in on some of these links,

The Gardener



“Preserving History One Rose at a Time”


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