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Does this mean Spring is really just around the corner?
February 10, 2014


Tulip trees at the ranch and Rose Petals Nursery are telling us Spring is right around the corner.  Robins, Tufted Titmouse and Goldfinches are here in waves to feed off of every berry in sight, thus giving them the energy to keep flying to their final destination.  Spring is coming I just feel it!


The roses haven't really gotten off to a big start, just peaking their heads out very carefully with their new growth.  But at least we see some new growth!!!!


The grass in the pastures has started to green up, making the livestock much happier than the big round bales of hay we have been dropping in the pastures.


Spring has so many positives and to Mr. Blue Jeans and The Gardener not a negative to be found!


Sun is out and not a cloud in the sky today, surely this isn't a tease on Feb. 10th to be a touch over the 70 degree mark!  Better go out and take advantage of it!


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The Gardener

"Preserving History One Rose at a Time"


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