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The Citrus at Rose Petals Nursery...
January 13, 2014




Rose Petals Nursery has the great fortune of having three large established citrus trees among its 5 acres, Tangerine, Pink Grapefruit and an unknown wonderful juice orange.  As many of you know, you can only use so much citrus in one household.  We have shared with family and friends, but we still have more left to share.  With that in mind the gardener started to think how can we best use some of this citrus in ways we haven't.

Consider making your own Orange Oil.  Here are the instructions:

1)  Combine fresh orange peels with water in a crock pot. Use 2 ounces of peels                 for each gallon of water.

2)  Cover the crock pot and turn on low heat. Allow to simmer all day.

3)  Strain the orange peels from liquid. Retain liquid and discard peels.

4)  Store in a clean glass jar with a lid.

This suggestion along with some of our own come from research by several leading universities.

Cleaning Uses

Pure, undiluted orange oil is a powerful solvent and is strong enough to melt plastic. The main ingredient in orange oil and other citrus oils is d-limonene. Read our article here to learn more about citrus oils and cleaners.

Because of its strength, orange oil can be used as a cleaning agent to clean grease and grime on just about any surface including:

- stoves and ovens
- grills
- floors and walls
- tires
- you can even use it to remove crayon marks

Of course, one of the benefits of cleaning with orange oil is its pleasing aroma. You can even use it as an air freshener.

Use Orange Oil to Kill Insects

Cleaning is not the only thing you can to with orange oil. You can use it as a non-toxic way to rid yourself of ants and other pesky insects! As it turns out, the main ingredient in orange oil can deliver a devastating blow to the ant community. As a matter of fact, there's even a niche industry that makes orange oil based products that are extremely effective at ending any ant problems you may have.

Orange Oil works to kill - and even keep away - flies. Just spray orange oil on them and they go down like a deflated balloon. The wonderful thing is that there's no toxic odors left behind.

Health Benefits of Orange Oil

Just when you probably thought that it couldn't do more - orange oil pleasantly delivers. Orange oil just doesn't clean and helps get rid of ants - it can actually improve your well-being. There are other compounds in orange oil that have medicinal uses such as:

Anti Inflammatory - It can deliver quick relief from minor inflammations.

Mood Elevator - Feeling down? Well, smell an orange! The oil in oranges is used quite effectively in aromatherapy. So before you try some expensive drugs, spend a dollar or two on some oranges.

Appetite Lifter - Need to eat, but you're not feeling hungry? Bring out the oranges again for some more aromatherapy! The smell of oranges has been know to help boost your appetite.

Aphrodisiac - Claims have been made as to the effectiveness of orange oil in the bedroom. It's said to help with problems such as loss of interest and impotence. Hey, it doesn't hurt to try.

Anti-gas (Carminative) - Oddly enough, orange oil can help you relieve gas by relaxing the abdominal muscles and rectal area.

Diurectic - Orange oil acts as a diurectic and helps you eliminate toxins via your urine.
Don't Throw Your Orange Peels Away Just Yet!

We spoken about quite a few uses for orange oil - but don't throw away those orange peels just yet! Why? Because you can use the orange peels as an ingredient in your cooking.

Orange peels can be used as a dried seasoning. The thin top layer of an orange is called the "zest". You can remove the zest from an orange by using a zester or scraper to grate it off. After storing the zest in a bottle and allowing it to dry, you can then use it to enhance the flavor in sauces, meats and even desserts.

But wait, theres more. If you ever happen to be in need of building a fire, orange peels make for great kindling. The oil in the peels allow the fire to start quickly and also to burn slowly and steadly. You might even enjoy the added benefit of have a pleasing orange aroma in the background.


Mr. Blue Jeans and The Gardener will enjoy many of the above uses for our "no chemical support" citrus.  We hope this has helped many of you to enjoy your citrus in new ways.


Thank you for visiting with us♥

The Gardener

"Preserving History One Rose at a Time"


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