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Roses are Red....
December 18, 2013



As the holidays draw nearer, our Series of Red roses continues.   Today we will chat about a much beloved class of old garden roses, a bourbon.   ‘Maggie’ has captured the attention all around the world it would seem.  Largely the reason might be that she grows so well in many different parts of our planet.



Much is written about ‘Maggie’ and her many aliases.  It does seem to be the consensus that ‘Pacific’ and ‘Madame Eugene E. Marlitt’ are the most frequently referred to.  Recently at the Heritage Rose Foundation Conference, we heard a new name for ‘Maggie’.....”Deep Purple Swallow”, simply romantic!  Stories abound as to her origin and her lineage, so at Rose Petals Nursery her label reads Found.



Cerise colored fully double flowers are frequent and abundant on several of the plants we have growing in between the nursery and the ranch.  The fragrance is out of this world and it never ceases to excite The Gardener to lift a blossom of ‘Maggie’ and show someone new about this old world beauty.  A cluster bloomer and great for a cutting.

‘Maggie’ can be grown as a shrub and can also be trained on a pillar or trellis.  Almost thornless and is very disease and heat tolerant.



By whatever name you choose to call this rose, our mother plants have been sold to us with the ‘Maggie’ tag, so that is how Rose Petals Nursery will sell their plants.  Please visit our user friendly online store to order yours today.  Delay shipping, ship now or pickup at the nursery are all options.  Online purchase of gift certificates make for ease of completing your gift giving list.  In addition, gift certificates may be used online for shipment to the lower 48 except for Arizona.  

During this busy holiday season, please don’t forget to take the time to stop and smell the roses...

The Gardener

“Preserving History One Rose at a Time”


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