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A True Beaute' of a Tea...Beaute' Inconstante
February 07, 2013





Can you say gorgeous Old Garden Tea Rose? 

Can you even whisper the words Beaute'?






Not enough wonderful words are said to

describe Beaute' Inconstante, a Tea bred by

Widow Ducher aka Marie Veuve Ducher of

France in 1887.






Of an orange blend as the photos show...she is

always blended....fading as she ages.  To say

she is orange, red or yellow would be a fallacy.






Flowers of large double form perfect for cut

flowers and blooms throughout the season.  The

fragrance is strong only making Beaute'

Inconstante more enduring.  

Zone 8b she is a large tea, at present 9 feet

high in our display gardens at the nursery.  A

cross between a Seedling (probably from Earl of

Eldon) x Madame Falcot according to the HMF







Available at  If

Beaute' Inconstante is NOT on your wish list,

please be sure to include her so you will be the

first to receive the automated notice that she

is back in stock.

Until Later,

The Gardener


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